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Low attended Muse gigs?

Malton Seadog

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Apologies if this has been done before, but with all the furore over tickets being snapped up, and the inevitability of most of the shows selling out, I thought I'd bring this up.


Has anyone been to, or seen, any Muse gigs where ticket sales have been poor?


Wikipedia has interesting data for the Resistance and 2nd Law tour. The worst gigs for ticket sales on both tours combined:


1 Rio Rancho, USA: 65% (4,915/7,500) TR

2= Calgary, Canada: 69% (7,648/11,256) TR

2= Brisbane, Australia: 69% (18,810/27,370) TR

3= Duluth, USA: 71% (6,749/9,500) T2L

3= Cincinnati, USA: 71% (4,983/7,050) T2L


Are these accurate? Were the arenas on reduced capacity? Seems unbelievable to me that they wouldn't sell 35% of their tickets in Rio Rancho, or for there to be 3,500 empty spaces in Calgary...



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