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2016.04.14 - O2 Arena, London, England


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I am selling 2 x Muse tickets at The O2 Arena, London. 14th April.


I am selling the tickets at £73 each (face value).


They are seated tickets - Block: 117 – Row Y.


If anyone is interested let me know.


I haven’t had the tickets delivered to me yet but I have the order confirmation from when I booked them.


Cheers :)

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Hi. I got my ticket in the additional sale on gigs and tours. I expected to get it delivered since that's what the page said (and I had to pay the transaction fee), but now they changed the status about its delivery to: "Order will be available for collection from the venue at the time of the event (please remember to take your credit card and reference number)." The've got to be joking!:mad: Has anybody else got the same thing?

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Apologies if this seems like a stupid question:)

If I buy a ticket for the show now (or in the next week), will I receive it in time for the gig? I'm still iffing about it with my friend, but I know not to linger too long!

Thanks in advance:D


If you buy it from an official seller (not resale) then I'm sure you will.


If you buy it resale then it depends how they send it...

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Does anybody know anything about collecting tickets at the venue when you didn't use your own credit card to pay for the ticket (I used my father's card since mine didn't work)? I'm terrified to think that they may not let me in after I travel all the way to London to go to that gig.


Call them up.

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