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2016.03.09 - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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The stage will be centered. See Cologne for example.



Belooft wat moois voor de Ziggo!!!


I know, I mean in which directions the two walkways will go. Mostly because the Ziggo Dome has one side (let's say north) without any seats, so there's three sides where people can sit. Does this mean they will have the two walkways from west to east, or from north to south? Depending on the case, I'd want a different seated spot.


Edit: Okay so it's as I thought: The stage walkways extend on one side to where normally the stage is (now there are spots for disabled there), and on the other side to the back of the arena.

I've got tickets for area 110 :D

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"Staan-plaats" means (when literally translated) "Area to stand." So if you'd wanna go for a GA spot I'd pick that one I guess? Is there a price difference?


Thanks mate,

the price looks like the same,

and seems standing tickets are sold out or smth else is happening on Tickemaster.NL :wtf:

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Yup, there's hope. But I thought this would be easy, presale ánd 9:00 ready to go.

I know, it went fairly easy for me, although I did panic a bit when it was 9:01 and the Ticketmaster site wouldn't load. It sucks that even though you come prepared, you can end up with nothing.


Unfortunatly the Pre sale for Ziggo Dome started today at 9am (according to Ticketmaster site) instead of 10am (according to Muse site) :(


Really?? So I presume those were sold out already too...

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Could be they changed it? Because my girlfriend also said to me yesterday "Oh apparently we can also buy tickets in a Ziggo-presale which starts at 10 am." Not that we needed it, but.

Also on Twitter there was this guy who replied to my "I've got tickets" tweet with "I thought the Ziggo presale only began at 10 am?"

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The article says "Muse.mu Members presale begins 18 September at 9am local". Later they mentioned "General on sale starts 22 September at 10am local". I think some people warbled those two together.

But don't panic. In 7 minutes from now a Ziggo presale will start so try it again at 10. Good luck!

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I've got standing tickets!


Will be the second time to see them, first time was Amsterdam Arena. Though the sound wasn't that bad where I was standing, I'm hoping that Ziggo will have great sound :)




How did you manage?

I'm still trying my presale chance at Ticketmaster.NL - "Sorry, no matches were found"

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