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If Muse announced another gig in Paris or at Wembley would you go?  

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  1. 1. If Muse announced another gig in Paris or at Wembley would you go?

    • Hell yeah!
    • well, only if it's at wembley.
    • If it is to be the best night ever, YES!
    • honestly....no.

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Guest QueenOfNerds

I have decided that if the next gig is in uk or france, no matter where it is, I am going....

No matter what my boyfriend says.

I will just take a Muse themed holiday.

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they've only come to chicago 2 times in the past two years and once for lollapalooza (ticket prices are insane so i could go) and the firs time i was in another state. so i have yet to see them live. i hope they get their album out soon and tour america hopefully next year.

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If they end up doing a small gigs tour like they mentioned early this year (can never see it happening properly) the Market Place Theatre in Armagh would be an excellent venue, its the only decent place in a 70 km radius of me so it would be my perfect gig.

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Hi everybody.. This is my first post in this board.


Hello, I'm studying at one of the most important and successfull universities of Turkey, Istanbul Bahcesehir University and also I'm a biggest fan of Muse.


Everyear we arrange such a big festival in our main campus for a weekend in May, at near of the bosphorus, and we called it as MayFest. In MayFest we host daily 2 or 3 concert of some of biggest Turkish singers with some entertaining activities. Of course, everyear we try to host the best MayFest in Turkey and now, i think it doesn't enough as we think and we should host bigger and bigger gigs. In my humble opinion Muse would be right choice. All Turkish Musers miss them and I'm sure about that they extremely wants to see Muse in Istanbul again.


But I cannot find any contact information to Muse or their manager. Infact that is why i'm joined this board.


I want to ask something to you: Next year we want to host a big gig in MayFest '09. Infact our school management don't know this idea yet. Because firstly, i want to take some information about how possible to host a Muse gig in Istanbul and our school. When i receive your answer I will discuss the possibility of this gig according to your answers. So i wonder, what should we pay to Muse for this kind a gig and what are their requirements?

Actually, i think our school could arrange a gig like that because as i said before; our school, Bahcesehir University, is the one of the biggest universities in Turkey and Europe as a Superbrand winner.


I hope your answers would make us happy and also make possible this gig.

Most importantly, we want to see Muse in Turkey again.


So, I want that how we arrange a Muse gig in Istanbul, especially Bahcesehir University.


What you think, how can i contact Muse or their manager or anybody who would take it concern


Thanks to all.

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I think they should come to Ottawa in July and play at Bluesfest. I mean, it is becoming one of the biggest musical festivals in North America, it's only fitting that they should be there!

Then again, I dont know how popular they are here in Ottawa, so they might wind up being a side stage performance, which would actually be awesome if they played the River Stage. I love that stage...

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Going with the theme of wanting them to play where we are each based, I say come to Londres again lol :happy: Good thing about living in London is that most bands (well big wigs like teh Mooze) will play here at least once during a tour.. usually Wembley Arena, which I've always enjoyed as the acoustics were very good and have been for all the times I've been there to see various bands over the years.


But I'd love them to play Earls Court again.. simply because I missed out last time :'( .. don't think I'll ever fully get over that lol!

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