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11.09.15 - Electric Ballroom - Camden

Fuse Helium-3

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Who else. They were annoyed as they were at the front of the queue, and as i was on guestlist i got in before everyone else so we took centre barrier. They were not happy. At least Muse had a different view for once.


Yeah it was a great night! I've discovered that if you are a girl, being anywhere other than the back or the barrier is horrible. I was 4 rows from the front (ish) at the Manchester gig in March and so many guys stick there arms in your face and use you to lean on. I know some shoving can't be helped but its really bad. At least on the barrier there is something to hold on to to keep you on the ground!!

Omfg it was a good day! I am still reeling. Livs, myself and friend tried to keep that guy back in the gig.Fucking annoying wasn't he? He did get 'accidentally' punched a few times by me. Was omfg amazing to be at the live lounge :-)

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