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Another review that makes no mention of Muse whatsoever.


Aaand another...




And another!!




And surprise, surprise, The Telegraph as well...




And in this Daily Mail summary (although they do appear in their article about NBC cutting performances)




Nothing from The Daily Star...




Nothing in The Independent either...




Have Warner paid off the media to not mention Muse or something? I know there's a few artists who are also skipped but Muse were pretty high profile yet mentions of them seem very rare in the British Media.


...ah finally, The Sun mentions them:



Muse must be the biggest unknown band in the history of music. They always seem to be overlooked in the general press. I mean it's not as if they had the official song or anything.


They should have put Kate Hudson in the choir! No doubt the papers wouldn't be able to stop talking about them in that case!

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My bet is that he intended Survival to be played half a step down. I can't really see how he'll keep singing it in original key if it's going to become a regular. It's really too much of a strain for him and tbh, I think it'll sound better when it isn't as forced as it was now.

That's a very good point... Perhaps when they did rehearsals for it they rehearsed it a key down for when they do it on the actual tour, so Matt ended up singing it a semi-tone/tone down. Which is why some notes sounded off. The last note, while it did sound good, was definitely lower than the original...

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