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Manson Delorean Replica


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I want to try to build a Manson Delorean replica, like the one used in Hullabaloo. I know that there is no sustainer and the is a midi pickup but can someone give me links to all the hardware and tell me how to build one or order a body or neck for one etc. thanks


This would be a good place to start regarding the specs - http://www.musewiki.org/Manson_Delorean


Neck wise I've heard good things about Warmoth?


For the body, you could either buy a blank and cut/route it out (probably the cheapest option), otherwise you can buy a routed blank from Warmoth however you'll still need to cut the shape.


I've no experience doing a fully clad aluminium guitar, only an aluminium top which was just a case of gluing onto the face of the body, clamping it down and filing the sides down smooth.


Hope that points you in the right direction... sort of :LOL:

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I think you are going to need a lot more specific questions than 'tell me how to build it'. If you need someone to provide you a list of hardware, I'm going to suggest either a lot of research for putting a guitar together, or finding a luthier who can do the work.


Even doing a kit guitar takes some knowledge and work to get it playing well.

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