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Top 10 Live Songs


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Only Going with songs that i've seen live at a gig.

Will post again after i've been to a gig this tour.


1. Take A Bow (Marley Park 2008)

2. Dead Star (Marley Park 2008)

3. Unnatural Selection (o2 Arena 2009)

4. Space Dementia (Reading 2011)

5. Citizen Erased (Wembley 2010)

6. Darkshines (Reading 2011)

7. Hyper Music (Reading 2011)

8. Map of the Problematique (Teignmouth 2009)

9. Hysteria (Marley Park 2008)

10. New Born (o2 Arena 2012)

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did not see most of these live


Megalomania ( not seen )

New Born ( seen in 2009 in Hamburg)

United States Of Eurasia ( also in Hamburg and wow it was a blast )

Bliss ( not seen and I am most upset of that )

KOC ( it is just epic, every time )

City Of Delusion ( never seen )

Take A Bow ( never seen )

Invincible ( not seen )

Butterflies & Hurricanes ( needs to be played more often )

Thoughts Of An Dying Atheist ( why is this not played anymore? )




srsly I am sad I missed the release gig at Admiralspalast

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This list makes me realise how shit the sets we get in sydney are :LOL: gonna have to try get to a uk show this tour


You got B&H though, I'd be very happy with that :supersad:


My personal picks, in no order:


Micro Cuts


Hyper Music

Dead Star

Citizen Erased

Stockholm Syndrome

New Born



The Handler

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