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Black & white videos ...


Muse gigs in black & white ...  

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  1. 1. Muse gigs in black & white ...

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Hi guys, I'd like to have your opinion.


I've just watched the Psycho Tour DVD included in the Drones Deluxe package and I'm so disappointed that it's all black & white.

Most of the Live at Rome Olympic Stadium was already in black & white which was frustrating. :mad:


What's with the B&W stuff ?

Am I the only one that feels like these videos would have been way better in color ?


Tell me what you think.

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I think we discussed this in the DVD thread, but I completely agree.

BW is a great choice for certain pieces, certainly, but taking the intended mood of the art into consideration.


In a live performance, the lack of color, imo, completely sucks the life and energy out of the video, and I thought it was a terribly disappointing choice in the Drones DVD and most of Live in Rome.

Worked well in Follow Me, as the dark parts of the song were in bw and it "lit up" right at the drop, which was cool, but the rest of it pulled me out of the gig.


No idea why Tom has gotten so into this that the entire Drones DVD was black and white, though. But, after watching it once, I don't feel like I'll ever watch it again, and would probably choose to watch a subpar shot of those songs live just because of the energy and immersion that the lights and color bring to the performance.

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I personally don't mind b&w, but I agree that it'd work better in color, at least the performances. I like the Making Off as it is, and I don't think color would've improved it. It's just that some people prefer it in color. For the performances, I think color suits better than b&w because of the visual effects. Besides, Muse are known for using a lot of visuals, lasers, lights etc in their gigs, and even though the Psycho Tour was more "stripped down", the b&w there kills a bit that.

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I love 'em. So my opinion is the opposite of Serpent. I think the black and white add a timeless feature to any picture and is more classy.


But i see her point, if you want to watch a concert movie for the sake of the images then the B&W is a nice addition, but if you want to see a concert movie to revive the live experience is not the same because... well, we see in color!

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Personally, I buy tour DVDs to feel like I was at the gig. That worked really well with HAARP and Hullabaloo, mostly because I could see all the lighting and displays that Tom went to the trouble of setting up for each.



I'd be a bit disappointed if I had paid for the tour DVD, which is a shame when the atmosphere at the gigs has been so good.

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I absolutely LOVE the B & W. Gives it more of a surreal look & I think enhances the intense nature of their performances.


I love the use of it on the Rome video also. The perfect transition from B & W to color during Follow Me is my favorite part of the whole thing & I don't even care for that song.

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I don't mind, because it's not really a complete tour DVD. It's just a bonus of 4 songs.


If it was a whole set done in B&W, then I'd have an issue for the reasons stated above. But to me, this is a little bonus. The whole album eschews the dulled aesthetic of a cold, dystopian future anyway, so to me, the B&W is fine.

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