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The Globalist Theory


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We know that Muse have stated that "The Globalist" is basically an alternative storyline for Drones - one where the protagonist just lets himself be controlled and eventually turns into a dictator. This would totally make sense and is a creative way to end this fantastic album. However, what if this actually isn't the case? What if there's another way we're supposed to view "The Globalist" that Muse just didn't want to spoon feed us?


Let me explain: the meaning of Aftermath is pretty obvious. After a long time of fighting, the protagonist finally fills the part of him that needed to be loved and finally doesn't feel alone. That solves the love plot point, but what about the revolution? As the song states, the battle is still going on. For a huge plot point that was in development throughout the entire album, it's hard to believe that Muse would leave that part completely unresolved. Meanwhile, The Globalist makes a point in saying that the battle is done when they say how everything has been conquered.


So what am I pondering? Well, this might be a stupid idea, but what if The Globalist isn't an alternative storyline, but actually the conclusion to where Aftermath left off, being part of the same storyline?


Picture this: somehow, between Aftermath and The Globalist, something happened between the protagonist and his love interest. Maybe an argument, a death, an afterthought, whatever. For some reason, something happened that makes the protagonist feel as though his love was for nothing. Still thinking negatively, he then believes that the revolution is screwed - he bought off more than he could chew, and the cause looks doomed. He's become desperate. He thinks there is only one way to fight his opressors - fight dirty, just like them.


He already knows how to use the drones and what codes would allow him to operate them. It might not be ideal, but he could definitely take them down if he begins to use them. He could take control of enemy this way and even the playing field. So, he and the rest of the revolution start operating the drones - and it goes way out of hand. The rebels have forgotten what the cause they were fighting for was and now they have destroyed innocent lives. The protagonist looks at the damage he's done, the lives he has taken, the destruction he caused, and realizes the worst thing he could possibly imagine: in the process of fighting back, he's become just like his enemies. He became a human drone and a dictator, and became the nightmare he was trying to break free from. He recognizes that he has destroyed everything and can't believe that all of this was caused just because he was trying to fill the void that needed to be loved.


This may be a rediculous idea, but it's one I've contemplated since I first listened to the album. Due to the lyrical content of the song, I believe that the idea seems plausible and it's one I'm in favor of. I feel like it would also add something new to the story as well, giving it an added sense of tragedy for a possible dystopian future. The album's music, story, and message are amazing (it's one of my favorite albums) and I just wanted to iterpret this masterpiece. If you guys have any thoughts about this or any other theories, leave them down below!

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I've always thought of the album having a forked path at the point after the protagonist has fought back.

So, either the person finds himself and finds love, becoming a "good" person, or they are so damaged by what has happened to them that in an attempt to reshape the world, they end up destroying it, and any chance they had for love.

Basically, it's up to you to decide if you want to go along with the "dark forces" in life, personally overcome them, or become them yourself.


I like the contrast in Matt talking about the album being about us losing our humanity and our capacity for empathy, but then stating that "human nature" is actually to dominate and destroy, in TG. But, it does end the album on a really hopeless note.


I really like the bit in the song where the lines from the previous songs are "rewound" like reversing the progress that was made throughout the album, right before the end of the world bit.

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Don't think it's ridiculous. I like the dual interpretive nature of The Globalist. It can occur after Aftermath (I just felt redundant typing that), or it can take place after Defector, where the powers that be corrupt him before he has a chance to lead the revolt.

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To be fair it could also be after Dead Inside/Psycho if we think about the idea of an alternate dystopian future which is an amazing thought btw. Simply because he gives all his loving and gets nothing back from her, so basically works his way up in the system and becomes commander in chief. As a dictator he could be the greatest guy and be loved by all. Then he destroys the world because he's a psycho and some reasons or something. Furthermore in Drones it asks are you dead inside? Which he quite obviously is since becoming a super drone.


A bit of an extreme reaction to a break up, but each to their own I guess :D


I think your interpretation is better though ;)

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It would be an extreme reaction to a break up, but people do react poorly in those situations.


The entire double ending thing of the album immediately reminded me of that old quote that everyone uses on their Tumblr and I have no idea if Matt actually said or not, that was something like 'somedays I want to burn the whole world down because it's all shit, and somedays I want to be in love with everyone.'

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