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Sorry, i haven't checked the Messageboard for the hella long time :( so many feedback in this topic, thanks to everyone <3 i'm really, REALLY glad that you like my Muse works :love:


I have OOS and Abs ready-made, but always forget to place them here. I'll try to post them here in nearest future :) stay tuned.

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Anyways, here is my Absolution set :)


Actually when i started drawing it i didn’t have a slightest idea of what it was going to be like. As for Drones or BH&R, i knew exactly what to do from the very beginning, when Absolution… welp. The reason is that for me Absolution is, probably, the most chaotic Muse album, in which a lot of different (sometimes opposite) things are fused together, that is the reason i had difficulties with how to style it since i wanted it to be slightly different from all the rest. Hope it looks okay :3


If you want to share it on Tumblr, here is the Tumbr post in my art blog :)



























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Before i again forget to post it :D OOS set!


If you ask me to describe OOS in one word, that word will be depression or apathy, even though it has Space Dementia and Feeling good which are quite kind and positive. All the rest is the gloomiest stuff ever which i listen to only when i’m really very upset and feel like dying, just to keep myself alive. Times when this album saved my life are impossible to count, there’ve been may of them.

As for the colours, i decided to use colours similar to the album artwork, as i did with the Resistance and Showbiz.


If you want to share it on Tumblr, here you go :) please reblog, not repost.
























If you wonder about The 2nd Law set - it's being made, but currently on hiatus. i hope to finish it by the end of August :)

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And now, i guess, if you're enjoying my Muse art, you can help me in a REAL way. Real and drastic and every-other-suitable-word-to-describe-it.


The matter is the following: my biggest dream is to work for Muse officially as their next cover artist, be that an album or a single cover. I would enjoy to make an effort to give official contribution to the band that changed me into the person I am now :love:


And your task is to sign this petition: CLICK! It is possible that your votes will get me closer to my dreams entering reality :)

I do hope that this will work and I do believe in dreams coming true <3



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A really coherent set of work I like these, they really tell the story. I got completely obsessed with this album and listened to it so much to the point I learnt every single bass line off it :p


It looks like you were doing a lot of heavy Drones listening yourself.

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