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Your reviews of Drones

What is your favourite track on Drones?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite track on Drones?

    • Dead Inside
    • Drill Sergeant
    • Psycho
    • Mercy
    • Reapers
    • The Handler
    • JFK
    • Defector
    • Revolt
    • Aftermath
    • The Globalist
    • Drones

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But irrelevant for the point being made.


A cover is (typically) an exact attempt to replicate the original source material, don't rearrangements simply use the original source material in a way that fits the song? Hence "rearranging" it? Regardless I'm not disputing that the skeleton of this song is derived from other sources.

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Beginning of The Globalist : whistle part of L'Arena =
: New Born


So that's what you were looking for in the chat :chuckle:


I don't mind the similarities with L'Arena personally, it's a bit worrying that it's unoriginal and could suggest they're out of ideas, but I think it sounds cool

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A cover is (typically) an exact attempt to replicate the original source material, don't rearrangements simply use the original source material in a way that fits the song? Hence "rearranging" it? Regardless I'm not disputing that the skeleton of this song is derived from other sources.


The point was being a rip-off vs. being credited. So the detail of credits were irrelevant, but yes it is an arrangement.

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I like Muse, I've grown very fond of them over the years so what I'm about to say is a bit painful to say, but here we go:


Dead Inside

I was hoping this would be one of the worse tracks on the album, turns out it's one of the better. It's an okay song, I really like the second part, it's beautiful :happy:



The 0305030 riff is still good, but.. it's just a riff. Repeating that riff OVER AND OVER AGAIN won't magically transform it into a good song. It's fun to jump around to, sure, but come on... and the lyrics... argggggh.



As generic as it is, the chorus is nice and pretty powerful. The bridge though, is the definition of "I can't come up with anything useful, but we need a bridge so.." shit lyrics.



I talked a lot of shit about this already, but I'll sum it up again for the purpose of my review: shit acdc-riff, shit robbie williams-chorus, shameless use of the AGFE chord progression, wanky and boring solo. The parts have nothing to do with each other it's like three totally different pieces of music thrown together. Shit lyrics. (context or no context)


The Handler

I simply cannot comprehend how such an absolute perfection of a track is the result of the same creative procedure as all the other mediocre or downright crap songs on Drones. It's dark, heavy, the use of the falsetto is just astonishing. The In Your World part and the bits after that could use some double bass drumming, but that's okay. Amazing song, and sadly the only absolutely GOOD one on the record. Not even the lyrics suck... holy shit. But if Matt is - as it seems - still capable of writing such a monster, why do all the other songs, well, SUCK?



Like Psycho, but worse. Much, much worse...



Worst song in the history of living things making sound.



It's nice, if a little cheesy. Sucks to say that it' also one of the better tracks. Matt's vocals are beautiful, I'm really glad it didn't turn out boring.


The Globalist

A big stinky WTF is what it is. It's like Reapers but with Morricone taking a dump on it. What does the middle part have to do with ANYTHING? How are even the two guitar parts connected? It just DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.



It could've been something decent but after all I've been through... :LOL: I ended up facepalming and waving my head laughing like a maniac. Killed by drooooones :LOL: holy shit.


All in all, this album is BAD. T2L at least had some really bright moments. Drones only has The Handler, everthing else is mediocre, boring, or CRAP. I'm sorry but this is not worth spending money on.


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Okay I found this album interesting, so here's what I thought about each song. I know we all have different opinions about the album, so hear me out.


Dead Inside 7/10

It's a creative opener, and although I originally didn't like it very much - it has grown on me. I think i'd rate it higher than it's cousin Madness. The vocals are creative and the electronic elements are not too overpowering. I particularly like the build up to the second half of the song, and again, the ending vocals are nice.


Drill Sergeant/Psycho 6.5/10

The riff is a good way to introduce the heavier aspects of the album, but it is slightly overdone. Okay, allot. And although the ridiculous lyrics aren't very strong, I find that i'm singing along to them, making funny hand movements, and head banging to the riff. It is a fun song - i'd call it the Panic Station of the album. But, I think it had the potential to be much better.


Mercy 5/10

Nothing really remarkable about Mercy. It sounds pretty generic and as everyone has said, it is just trying to jump into Starlight's footsteps. Not original, and the lyrics are nothing special. Still is kinda catchy though. Definitely not the worst song in the album though. Honestly something about the sound of this song puts me in a sad mood. Not sure if that is good or not.


Reapers 7/10

Everyone seems to be hyped about this song. I think it would be spectacular live, especially with the generic, but killer riff. But the lyrics are laughable like many others in this album. It sounds like Matt is trying too hard to get his message across and vocals sound strained. When I heard the live version I was at first, very excited and hopeful for this album. I definitely prefer the live version to the studio version (which disappointed me). Oh well.


The Handler 9/10

I had a very good feeling about this song before I heard it. And oh my god was I right. This is no doubt the highlight of the album. Lyrics are live up to the brilliant and heavy bass line (thankyou Chris) and it is incredibly well rounded. And no matter how many times I listen to it, it never gets stuck in my head, which leaves me wanting to listen to it again and again as if it were for the first time. Lives up to the old days of Muse and their epic, dark, rock. Brilliant, monster of a song. (Can I just give a round of applause to Matts vocals too!)


JFK/Defector 8/10

JFK is a great halfway point of the album, leading beautifully to the Defector. Although the Defector has it's Queen aspects (which honestly isn't a bad thing, as a Queen fan), it still stands to be a wonderfully refreshing song. The guitar is uplifting and vocals are really catchy - "Free, yeah i'm free, from SOCIETY". Combined with the Handler, it creates an amazingly strong midpoint to the album. Gave me alot of hope for the rest of the album when I first listened to it.


Revolt 3.5/10

And then my hope left me in the dirt. The first time I heard this song, I could barely listen to it without skipping it within the first 1/3. Although I get the point that Matt is trying to get across with it being the turning point of the character in this album, it is awful. If you gave the chorus to a boyband like One Direction, even they could easily pull it off. This song had better grow on me soon, otherwise it will always be on my skip-list.


Aftermath 5.5/10

I really like the bleak, eerie beginning to this song - with the vast and powerful guitar with a Pink Floyd feeling to it. I was a little disappointed, as I found it was just another love song that had a great potential. Matts vocals are decent, but could be turned up a notch. Honestly the Guiding Light of this album, which we will always laugh at whenever we hear it.

It might have the potential to sound good live?


The Globalist 7.5/10

The first part of this song instantly connects me to a Knights of Cydonia vibe. Like the Handler, I had a good feeling about this song, as it was the one I was looking forward to the most. I still have mixed feeling after hearing it though. The three parts to this song are very oddly connected too.

The first part is very slow, but has a good build up to it. The more I listen to this part, the more I like it (if you ignore the already overused lyrics... e.g "strong", "transform", "power" etc etc.) The song then awkwardly breaks into a rock ballad, which by itself I think would be very good. The rock part of this song is one of my favourite parts of this album, if it was crafted into the song a little less awkwardly. The backing vocals behind the guitar and drums are epic, and superb.

The whole transitioning of this song is odd, and I feel like they don't connect at all, as if it were Hoodoo, Assassin, and Explorers smashed together. But I think separately, all parts of this song are brilliant, and that's why I'm rating the Globalist rather highly.


Drones ???/10

This song took me by surprise, and I thought it was just more of the Globalist when I heard the first few seconds. It is strangely beautiful, but a very odd way to finish the album. "Killed by drones" is laughable, but the way that the vocals are combined work amazingly. Definitely something new, and the more I listen to it, the more the eeriness brings tears to my eyes.


Overall, I think this album is stronger than the last few albums, and with a more direct approach. But I also feel that most songs could have been made in a less rushed manner, and all of them (minus Revolt, which I think should be cut out of the album), had a huge potential if a few aspects were changed - e.g transitioning in the Globalist.

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