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Your reviews of Drones

What is your favourite track on Drones?  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite track on Drones?

    • Dead Inside
    • Drill Sergeant
    • Psycho
    • Mercy
    • Reapers
    • The Handler
    • JFK
    • Defector
    • Revolt
    • Aftermath
    • The Globalist
    • Drones

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This album is truly epic and gets better with each listen.


I have played it several times including twice in the car really loud.


I still cannot decide on my favourite track but my favourite part is probably the end of Defector which is real genius.


I like all 9 proper tracks on the album which is definitely not the case on the previous 3 albums.


There are 10 "proper tracks"

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Background: Obsessed with everything Muse like no one else I know. First time posting here just to write this:


Dead Inside

Queen/Depeche Mode rip-off. Matt in 2014: "bwoke up with Kate :(( Now how would a 15 year old who just read George Orwell react to this..." On the outside this song is uninspired, but it's also bland inside. 1/5


Drill Sergeant

Refer to Pink Floyd - The Wall 0/5



Recycled riff from 16 years ago. We're back bitches! That'll be $1.29, thanks. 0/5



Matt: "Remember Starlight, yeh? Twy that again bit higher?" feat. Queen backing vocals. 1/5



AC/DC's Thunderstruck with

. That'll be another $1.29. 3/5


The Handler

Didn't rip off anyone here but themselves LOL (In Your World). Outshines everything on this album. Love it. 5/5



Matt: "Amewica bad. GO EURASIA! Woops, sorry again guys wrong album." 0/5



1:14 mark + any Queen song of your choosing. New song? No pwoooohblem. 3/5



Ugh. 0/5




intro with
feat. overprocessed string sections. 3/5


The Globalist

Sadly, I already know what Bohemian Rhapsody is. Billed as the 2nd CE for purely marketing/hype purposes. Good ambitions, though. 3/5



I read somewhere this track was taken off entirely from another orchestrated piece but can't remember what/where at the moment. (Hint: wouldn't be surprised if true.) Still arguably a very interesting album closer and they something new. 3/5


If you enjoy this album, I'm happy for you. Chances are you like Muse because you hate(d) bland pop music and got into these guys whilst looking for something different, interesting and credible. Muse are now none of these as their albums have taken a back seat to their main purpose: add more overblown pizzazz to their (amazing) live shows where the real money is at. No one cares what Bellamy's blurting out in a stadium/arena. This is why you have "Revolt", and you'll like it.


Bonus drinking game: Every time Matt says 1) Drones, 2) Control or 3) Soul.


Edit: Corrected The Handler rating

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Your first post, and you've been insulting, stereotypically shown Americans don't even understand their own history, made multiple cringy references to some poor guy's speech impediment, and posted in the wrong damn thread.


You'll fit right in.

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Honestly this album is a huge let down as a whole, especially the 2nd half.


Best songs for me: Dead Inside, The Handler (these are the only muse-quality songs IMO)

OK songs: Mercy, Reapers

Meh: Psycho, The Globalist

Shit: Everything else


This is the first album that I haven't really liked and the first where I dislike half the songs. I think it is their worst effort to date. :stunned::(

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honestly this album is a huge let down as a whole, especially the 2nd half.


Best songs for me: Dead inside, the handler (these are the only muse-quality songs imo)

ok songs: Mercy, reapers

meh: Psycho, the globalist

shit: Everything else


this is the first album that i haven't really liked and the first where i dislike half the songs. I think it is their worst effort to date. :stunned::(


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Bonus drinking game: Take a shot every time a review mentions The Wall because The Wall is the only other concept album to have existed. Preferrably with Dave's 50% alcolhol drink.

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  1. The Globalist
  2. The Handler
  3. Dead Inside
  4. Reapers
  5. Psycho
  6. Defector
  7. Mercy
  8. Aftermath
  9. Drones
  10. Revolt




  • Not including Drill Sergeant or JFK because I have trouble ranking them along with full songs.
  • Drones is low on the album ranking, but it ranks highly personally. Matthew Bellamy in 4-8 part a capella style is something I would have never imagined, and greatly appreciate.
  • The outro (or verses following "fire" solo) to The Globalist is reminiscent in structure to USOE, which I think is brilliant. Whereas USOE is more of a unifying, power song... The Globalist is a power song of destruction and the erosion of humanity.
  • I like that there are structural similarities to the final verse/outro of Dead Inside to Madness. It is my impression that Dead Inside may be the counterpart to Madness (not necessarily thematically) but more of a personal use of musical mirroring. Bass line of Dead Inside is one of my favorites ever.
  • The Handler is in one of my Top 5 Muse songs of all-time. Thank you for its creation.
  • Psycho, Reapers, Mercy all grew on me over a short bit of time. Mercy was the most confusing (me: NO another Starlight), but I realized that pairing dark lyrics with an exterior of positive sound reflects a sort of duality that resonates throughout the theme of the album, and perhaps the entire catalogue. Second listen I cried.
  • Defector has the catchiness of Uprising. An amazing solo. The mix is so balanced and clean for a nice, punchy rock sound. I cannot wait to actually sing that I am free, when I am free. Bass and Drums kill!!!!
  • Aftermath tricked me on first listen, with the dark intro. Shifting from dark into light was a transition I didn't want the first time I heard it, but after giving it more time the song made waves.
  • Revolt does not do much for me, but that does not detract from the reality that the song is well-written, beautifully composed, and kills anything else in the genre of the track.
    SCORE: 9.789/10

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I will try my review (not so easy in english cause of technical words about music and stuff).


Dead Inside : I really like it, especially the second part with the guitar and vocals. It makes me some shivers, like Madness in T2L (it has been already said) -> 9/10


Psycho : Big riff and electric guitar. Love it and I guess it will be huge in live -> 8/10


Mercy : Not a fan at the beginning but as many Muse songs, more you listen it, more you like it. Too much synths to me -> 6/10


Reapers : One of the best song of the album (and even of a lot of albums). Huge heavy guitar part, good vocals, genius solo (isn't the longest solo Muse has ever done ?), apocalyptic outro. In live, it will be awesome as well -> 10/10


The Handler : I love the structure of the song and the tempo variation, the entrance of the guitar, moves of the drums and vocals, you really seem somewhere else when you are listening to Matt. Like Reapers, one of the best Muse songs (but already said in many reviews) -> 10/10


Defector : At the first listening, I was not able to think anything about this song but now, I really like it. I think it is the one which is the nearest to Drones spririt, anxious and opressing -> 9/10


Revolt : I think people are tough with this song. It is obviously not the best Muse song but there are some interesting things. I like tempo variations and the lead vocal -> 6/10


Aftermath : Very nice love song. The guitar intro and back are beautiful. I guess they could have put the guitar louder back to the vocals, and less synth -> 8/10


The Globalist : Huge song but I expected more than that (maybe because I just heard it was the "After CE"). Whistles, guitar intro, heavy part, piano outro, everything is good -> 8/10.


Drones : I have absolutely no idea about what to think for this song. I was very surprised. I will have to listen to it many times before like or dislike it. For the "surprise", I put a 6/10.



Overall, I really like this album.

The first half (from Dead Inside to Handler) is very very good. Near to perfect.

The second half is calmer and a lot of variation, less guitar.

Muse did not lie about the "back to the beginning" with a lot of heavy parts and a lot of guitar in every songs (except Drones of course).

I'm sure the Drones Tour will be awesome and some songs which will be great in live.

Drones : 8/10

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dead inside - 5/10

drill sargeant/psycho - 7/10

mercy - 7/10

reapers - 8/10

the handler - 8/10

jfk/defector - 7/10

revolt - 4/10

aftermath - 6/10

the globalist - 6/10

drones - 4/10




Strong start to the album but after defector it's downhill fast.



origin of symmetry

black holes


the resistance


the 2nd law

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- Dead Inside : 9/10 I don't really like it at first but it grew on me. Reminds me of undisclosed desires with madness inside

- Drill Sergeant + Psycho : 9.7/10

The greatest song they've ever made musically, but lyrically it's one of their worst

- Mercy : 9.5/10 The most catchy song they've ever made. This song stuck in my head almost every morning after just 3 times listening. Reminds me of Starlight

- Reapers : 8.7/10 Another song that I don't like it since the first listening but it grew on me. My favourite part is the outro

- The Handler : 6.5/10 The first half is boring but it gets better from the "In Your World" part till end

- JFK + Defector : 7/10

- Revolt : 5/10

- Aftermath : 7.5/10 The intro is too creepy but the rest is great! The verses could've been longer though

- The Globalist : 6.5/10 It's more of Invincible + United States of Eurasia sequel and not Citizen Erased at all. I thought it was gonna be epic, but no. I think it's a mess. Maybe because of the heavy part. It should've been removed in my opinion. The "Invincible" part is ok and the "United States of Eurasia" part is awesome

- Drones : 7.5/10 Most epic closing track they've ever made. Reminds me of Soldiers Poem from "how could you send" but without music and lead vocal (am I the only one who say it?)


Overall it's a great album.The greatest they've ever made. Muse always getting better as they release more albums in my opinion. I start to wonder if their upcoming 8th album will be better than Drones lol. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first concept album they've ever made? If yes, they made a great concept album at first try. If it's not their first, it's so much better than their previous.

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Dead Inside - 7/10


It's grown on me since I first heard it. I appreciate how stripped back it is, and it's got a good chorus and breakdown. It's not the most rousing but it's a solid song, a good album track.


Psycho - 5/10


Psycho is a fun crowd-pleaser live but in studio it's just SO LAME. The drill sergeant ruins most of the appeal of the song, it's Pink Floyd levels of painfully forced. Other than that it's too long and so one-note.


Mercy - 6/10


Only really noticing now that there's usually a pop track at track 3 on every album. I have mixed feelings about Mercy. On one hand, I like how heavy the guitars are and I think it's a pretty solid pop song, and the lyrics are vague enough to not be too distracting. That said, it's pretty derivative and the little chimes are just too Starlight/Coldplay-esque for me to take the song seriously.


Reapers - 9/10


Muse seem born to dabble in classic rock. It completely suits how OTT and indulgent their style is. This song is all over the place in the best possible way, there's always something going on and there's a marvellous freedom about it. A really wonderful surprise to see them take on a new genre and ace it.


The Handler - 8/10


I'm with the people that wish the drums were further forward in the mix, they're good but they just beg to be heard more. That said, I like how dark this song is, and it uses the music to sound dark, the lyrics seem less important. That's what Absolution did so well and it continues to work well here, complete with an electro breakdown. It threatens with a bit of melodrama at the end but it doesn't ruin the song.


Defector - 9/10


Best song on the album for me. In this song, everything about Drones works. It's so straightforward, uplifting and fun. The lyrics are silly, but in this case it actually helps, it's so clearly for the sake of fun and not for the sake of the concept. "Your blood is blue, and your mind's turned green, and your belly is all YELLLL-LLLOOWWW" :LOL: It's so fun to sing to! Great uplifting solo as well, this should be great live. (I should also mention that, unlike the stupid fecking Drill Sergeant, JFK kinda works here because well, it's not some cheesy imitator actor pushing some idea Matt got from a movie hard, it's freaking JFK, he's consistently relevant even out of context)


Revolt - 5/10


Aaargh. THE CHEESE. Drones: The Musical. I weirdly like the chorus, even though it's maddeningly familiar, but these verses are too much. It's at this point the album goes from indulgent fun to just ridiculous.


Aftermath. - 4/10


Lyrically woeful, and as a slow song you really pay attention to those lyrics. It really just gets worse as it goes on. The 'from this moment' chorus makes it sound like some earworm R&B ballad. It's so weird. None of it works.


The Globalist - 5/10


It builds very slowly, threatens to climax with an isolated riff that's begging to be build upon...and then you wonder where the climax was. And suddenly the song is back to slow crooning. The outro is actually reasonably nice...but it just goes nowhere. Why was this ten minutes long? It's not a careful, meditative track like Exogenesis or Isolated System, and it's not a dramatic, proggy alt-rock track like Citizen Erased. It's just kinda nothing.


Drones - 8/10


This made me grin all over my face. A Gregorian chant? Really, a Gregorian chant, Muse? That's what I was saying to myself. But I loved it. It was silly, so silly, but it was also delightfully weird, rather nicely made really and focused on one idea instead of the sprawling mess before it. It suited the idea of the album too!



Such a mixed bag, but overall seeing as I'd heard the first 6 tracks already, a disappointment. Those first 6 tracks had me genuinely positive about the album but I wasn't expecting those last 3 tracks to be such messes. Especially underwhelming was the 10-minute track which just seemed so pointless. I was hoping the album concept and the producer would help focus Muse a bit, and there's evidence of that in places. But for the third album in a row it seems, they simply can't rein it in. 6/10

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Defector - 9/10


Best song on the album for me. In this song, everything about Drones works. It's so straightforward, uplifting and fun. The lyrics are silly, but in this case it actually helps, it's so clearly for the sake of fun and not for the sake of the concept.


Yes!! Feel the same exact way! :happy:

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Bonus drinking game: Take a shot every time a review mentions The Wall because The Wall is the only other concept album to have existed. Preferrably with Dave's 50% alcolhol drink.



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The Globalist/Drones



Dead Inside

The Handler






To sum up: Yes I put Revolt ahead of The Handler (I like Handler but to me seems waaaaay overrated simply because it has hints of "old Muse") and Aftermath makes me cringe from "From this moment..." on. I can't believe people rip Revolt to shreds but are ok with Aftermath.

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Dead inside: 8/10. Great track, undisclosed desires with a kick, lyrics are the some of the best on the album too.

Drill Sergeant/Psycho: 7/10. Tad long, repetitive and over-literal/wierd as fuck lyrics. Despite this, THE RIFF SOUNDS GOOOOOD. Everything else is awsome.

Mercy: 7/10. Grown on me massively after seeing the music video. Starlight but not as good and with a bass solo

Reapers 10/10. FUCKING HELL. What a tune, best song since Citizen Erased. Dead fucking serious.

The Handler: 9/10. Seems slightly overrated to me but still heavy as fuck. Good IYW solo, feels like it could've gone different somewhere though (a recuring theme in this album)

JFK/Defector: 8.5/10. Might have been close reapers if it didn't use so much Queen influence. Riffs a bit boring tbh.

Revolt: 6/10 ugh, that prechorous is resistance's brother in hell who nobody talks about. Also starting to get the hate for U2. Not as bad as people say though.

Aftermath: 4.5/10. Why is this so fucking boybandish. Had potential too.

The Globalist: 6.5/10. Part 1 good but way too long. Part 2 Fantastic but WWAAAAAAAAAAY too short. Also needs lyrics and for that riff to go somewhere. Matt predicted this when he wrote crying shame. Because it is!

Drones: 1/10. Matt, as brave as you are for making this song, I have to ask... WHY IS IT SO SHIT. I genuinely had to turn it down because I was embarrassed and didn't want my parents to think I'd become a monk in the 12th century. THE worst muse song. A-fucking-men

Verdict: 7/10. Brb, putting reapers on repeat before I either convert or vomit.

OOS>Abso>BH&R>T2L>Drones> Showbiz>TR

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The hate for the last track from some people is fucking hilarious. :LOL: UUGH IT SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING VAGUELY OLD HOW DORKY IMAGINE KNOWING THINGS.

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Dead Inside: Starts off okay, but the second part of the song is too much. Not what I want to here from Muse at all. Really like the production on this on, though. 6/10


Psycho: Quite a decent song they made out of that riff. 7/10


Mercy: Again, not what I want here from Muse. Not quite as horrible as Follow Me but I still don't feel the need to here it again. 4/10


Reapers: Easily the best song on the album. My mate actually remarked that Reapers is quite poppy which suprised me but it's actually true. It's just disguised in loads of heavy guitars, effects and solos. And it works really well. 9/10


The Handler: Solid. I don't quite get the general excitement though. Doesn't sound that much like OOS to me. Still probably as a good a rock song as we're going to get from Muse in this day and age. 7/10


Defector; Closes the strong middle section of the album. Love me some Queen vocals. 7/10


Revolt: Rubbish that. Sadly Muse seem to write way too many of these cheesy pop songs nowadays. 3/10


Aftermath: Starts off brilliantly with an intro that invokes David Gilmour and then sadly turns into a weak ballad. The guitar is really brilliant in this one though. 5/10


The Globalist: Had such high expectations for this. I like each of the three parts (particularly the first one) but they are too disconnected from each other and it doesn't really feel like one song. 6/10


Drones: Love it actually and works really well as a closer. 8/10


Overall slightly disappointed (I had already lowered my expectations after the last couple of albums). But it's definitely better than T2L and I really like the album concept.





1. Origin of Symmetry - 10/10

2. Black Holes & Revelations - 9/10

3. Absolution - 8/10

4. Showbiz - 7/10

5. Resistance - 7/10

6. Drones - 6/10

7. The 2nd Law - 4/10

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Dead Inside - This had to grow on me. I will admit I found it boring, but that middle part and the ending? Love it. Much better than Madness 7/10


Psycho - Cheesy lyrics, repetitive riff...still good to headbang to 8/10


Mercy - It's like Starlight had a brother! Quite like this, but guitar could have been better 6/10


Reapers - Easily one of the best songs on the album 10/10


The Handler - Oh hey In Your World riff 9/10


Defector - Very Queen-esque...not a bad thing in my book. Love that chorus 8/10


Revolt - Eh...could be better, especially with a title like that 6/10


Aftermath - Beginning sounds ominous, but then I don't know what to think 5/10


The Globalist - Really like the beginning. I feel that the guitar is out of place in this, especially with the piano. As a concept song, it works. Not so much on it's own 7/10


Drones - I really like the acapella :)


All in all a 8/10 for me (Confusing rating ahoy)

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Okay so now I've had quite some time to digest this album. Time to do a little quick track by track review as everyone else seems to be doing.


1. Dead Inside - 8/10


Absolutely a great track. Was a bit underwhelmed by the boring chord progression at the end at first but after the whole track grew on me I learned to appreciate the ending a lot more. I actually think this is some of Matt's best vocal work ever. The emotions pouring through some of the vocal lines in the end is absolutely spine chilling. A bit awkward as an opening track but it works.


2. Drill Sergeant + Psycho 8/10


I hated Psycho at first. The riff was too simple, repetitive and redneckish but after a while even Psycho grew on me. Yes the lyrics are very bad, but the general energy of the track is completely insane. Works awesome as a show opener too, and the bridge/solo is quite epic IMO. At the end of the day It's not to be taken that seriously though, fun track essentially.


3. Mercy 8/10


I was mindblown first time I heard the chorus of this track. It's so mighty and grandios. People are complaining about the loud and muddy mix and I understand them but I just completely love the over the topness of this track. Great bass, vocal delivery on point and can't deny that the piano hook is very catchy.


4. Reapers 10/10


Ever since the shitty recording of them playing this song for the first time in Brighton Dome I became madly in love with Reapers. It had everything. A gigantic tapping intro, urgent and very musey verses, a KILLER riff, vocoders, insane solo and a heavy outro. And I became even more in love when I heard all things so much clearer in the studio version. The chorus is one of Muse best choruses yet. Nothing to complain about at all.


5. The Handler 9/10


Damn, this is MUSE for real. A heavy drop D riff, amazing bass line by Chris, heavy drums and Matt's signature falsetto. It gave me chills the first time I heard it. Actually one of the few tracks I don't mind the lyrics at all too. They are not amazing but they're fine. The bridge is reminiscent of SS and the ending is one of Muse most intense outros yet.


6. JFK + Defector 9/10


I absolutely love this. The lyrics are absolute crap but I really don't give a single shit when there is an amazing riff with an energetic vocal performance by Matt + screeeaming Queen harmonies which I have a soft spot for. And the solo is just amazing, simply amazing. The BH&R vibes hits hard when that guitar enters and lifts the track up. And yeah, that JFK speech is brilliant. Especially with the weird guitar and beautiful strings in the background.


7. Revolt ???/10


:LOL: First time I heard this song I really thought it was one of the worst songs I've ever heard. I was sitting and laughing my ass of to the ''YOU CAN GROW'' part. But the more I listened to it, I just couldn't get the melodies out of my head. The verses are so American Pie, the tempo change is awful and it sounds like a teenage boyband but I just can't stop listening to it. I think Matt really brainwashed me on this one...


8. Aftermath 8/10


This is cheesiest of the cheesiest. But it's sooo beautiful. The guitar in the beginning is just amazingly well played and the solo is top notch. The lyrics as usual is nothing to ''yay'' for but I love the soft, atmospheric vibe of the track. And while the ending really sounds like a christian choir I get goosebumps because Matt is singing so powerful and emotional. A great track overall, even though it's extreme cheesiness.


9. The Globalist 10/10


This damn track is absolutely phenomenal. I ain't kidding. I was NOT let down as all of u others seem to be. It was just what I wanted it to be. A haunting, magnificent beginnning with soulful whistling and amazing slide guitar. I adore the first verses too, then the build up with the heavy riff and backing vocals are stellar as hell. The tremolo part is indeed A LITTLE bit too short, but I understand why because the ending is one of hell of an ending. I love the piano section, It's beautiful and astonishing how Muse have approached the Nimrod piece and turned it into an epic last journey. The lyrics are very good in this track too actually. Love it.


10. Drones 8/10


This is a beautiful ending and outro to The Globalist. Matt sings his ass of sounding like a Gregorian chant. But the harmonies are extremely well put together and the last 'Amen' did give me a slight tear in the eye.



Final verdict: 8/10

Very good album. Enjoying it thoroughly, better than T2L ofcourse. Not sure if It's better than TR yet. I'll have to give it more time. It's still not on par with the 3 albums that we love the most and they have not given me another masterpiece yet but I'm happy with Drones. Some really awesome songs and alot more cohesion than T2L. I'm PLEASED.




Oh yeah, the album ranking:


1. OoS

2. BH&R

3. Abso

4. TR

5. Drones

6. T2L

7. Showbiz

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Not writing a review, just doing track ratings:

Dead Inside: 9/10

[Drill Sergeant] + Psycho: 9/10

Mercy: 8.5/10

Reapers: 10/10

The Handler: 10/10

[JFK] + Defector: 10/10

Revolt: 7.5/10

Aftermath: 9/10

The Globalist: 10/10

Drones: 8.5/10


Album Overall: 9.5/10

Edited by LewisF

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Dead Inside - 8/10

Wasn't too keen on this as an opener when it was first released, but it's since grown. Good, stripped back sound, great guitar, better lyrics than expected, good single track.


[Drill Sergeant] + Psycho - 8/10

Would be a much better track without the shite sampling, the ass, and the repetitiveness, but the riff is great and it gets the album off to a proper start.


Mercy - 5/10

Relatively pleasant to listen to, but gets boring quick. Dislike the puppeteer line; the vocals sound very Biffy Clyro, whom are terrible. I feel like Muse have written this song several times over, there's nothing new here. I prefer Starlight, which is something I thought I'd never say.


Reapers - 10/10

Colossal. I love everything about this track, and Matt seems to have balanced all of the experimentation of the last two albums perfectly on this one song alone.


The Handler - 10/10

Heavy and dark. Flawless track, and something I was anticipating from this record. Lots of Absolution nostalgia with this.


[JFK] + Defector - 10/10

I adore the build-up, the strings, and the guitar teases, and Defector oozes glam and Queen; a keeper and a personal highlight. The riff reminds me of Beetlebum by Blur for some reason. It's also pretty hilarious, in every good way possible.


Revolt - 2/10

What fucking shit is this?


Aftermath - 8/10

Very Pink Floyd in the beginning, and the first forty seconds reminded me of Eyes Wide Shut/Blade Runner. I love the chord progressions. Lyrically it could be tightened, and the vocals are all over the place, but that doesn't warrant a skip. There's a lot of beauty to be found here.


The Globalist - 10/10

Tied with The Handler for best track of the album. I don't mind the transitions, they work. Nothing on Citizen Erased, or Knights of Cydonia, but a really, really strong bit of music. So glad to hear some acoustic guitar in there.


Drones - 6/10

Unexpected, and can be listened to in a full sitting, but I'd usually just stop at The Globalist. Matt sounds amazing here, though.


Overall, Reapers > The Handler > [JFK] + Defector is an incredible run. These are the sort of things I would expect from Muse, and hopefully the next album follows in this light.


Rating: 8/10


Skips: Mercy, Revolt, Drones


Songs Ranked:

The Globalist

The Handler


[JFK] + Defector

[Drill Sergeant] + Psycho

Dead Inside





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After having it for about a week now, and giving it proper listens...


Dead Inside: I really didn't like this at first, but it's grown on me so much, the second part is great. Not sure on it as an opener though, and how it starts is quite annoying. 6.5/10


[Drill Sergeant] + Psycho: I've gone off this quite a lot. The Drill Sergeant is fucking annoying, and the whole song is just based on the riff. It feels too long and doesn't really build up to much, and I won't bother with the lyrics. It is one of the best live songs from them though, but at the same time it could have had a lot more potential. 5/10


Mercy: I really like this song, in fact it's one of the highlights for me. :LOL: It's simple, but sweet. The sort of pop material Muse should be producing if they must. 7.5/10


Reapers: This is just great. The solo is a bit long, but that's just me nitpicking. Definitely one of the highlights of the album. 8.5/10


The Handler: :facemelt: I had such a grin on my face when I first listened to it. I was surprised to see that Matt could still write a song as dark and heavy like this. I can definitely see this become a fan favourite in a few years. I also really enjoy the lyrics. 10/10


[JFK] + Defector: Bit too repetitive and the lyrics are quite dreadful. It's fun and the solo is cool though, it reminds me of the solo in Recess.. The string version of it throughout [JFK] is nice as well. 6/10


Revolt: This has grown on me, but that pre-chorus is still one of the worst things Matt's ever written. Matt's vocals sound great, but I can't imagine revisiting this in a few years. 4/10


Aftermath: This is exactly the sound I'd like from Muse if they must insist on doing ballads/love songs in general. I still get goosebumps when I listen to it. 8.5/10


The Globalist: I think the main reason this gets hate is just due to how much potential/how over hyped it was. Fortunately I very much enjoyed it. Mainly the slide guitar part before the heavy section. The tremolo solo type thing that was in an IG clip should have been a lot longer though, when I listened to it for the first time I thought "oh, here we go" and it just seemed to end before I knew it. 9/10


Drones: Not my thing. At all. Works well after The Globalist, and it's quite atmospheric, but I'm not a fan. 2.5/10


Overall, it's a pretty solid album, and a massive step in the right direction. It shows that Matt can still write some pretty good heavier and darker songs, but I do feel lyrics can be improved on, one of the main reasons why The Handler stands out to me is because it is some of the better lyrics on the album, specifically the last verse.


7.5/10 for me.


1 - Abso

2 - BHAR

3 - OOS

4 - Showbiz

5 - Drones

6 - TR

7 - T2L

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