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I know whatchoo mean.


It feels like a reboot. It's by no means their best work, but it does feel like it could be a stepping stone towards rediscovering their mojo.


I dunno about the mojo bit. Overall it seems very tame. Reminds me of how I felt about The Resistance compared to the hype, actually.

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I only criticised you for criticising me :phu:

just messing with you :)


I'm digging this alot. Good work!


Fucking awesome


thanks guys!


I'll assume this is what the board is like when there is not an impending album release... :rolleyes:
or when the people who make it interesting get banned for no good reason...
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Globalist seems rather jumbled. Like bits of three songs stitched together. As for the title track, it's quite pretty but I don't think it really achieves anything.


Overall, the album's playing it very safe indeed, and I can't begin to take the concept seriously.

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