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First listen,


Defector: 9/10 simple muse song. all what you expect from an almost perfect muse song.


Revolt: 8/10 this was ODD. Sounds alot like Queen. However vocals are superb and its so fucking CATCHY. YOU'VE FELT LOVE YOU'VE FELT PAIN YOU CAN GROOOOW


Aftermath: 8/10 OK I DIDNT EXPECT THIS. Blues intro bluesy tunes towards the mid/end of song. Im just speechless to see Matt finally play bluesy stuff. So fucking happy


Globalist: 11/10 Lived up to the hype for me. First slow part is amazing. So fucking emotional. It may sound cheesy however within the context its plain good both lyrically and musically. The heavy part is just good quality Muse riff. I loved how the instagram solo is attached to end of the riff and then dissolves into "emptyness". Piano piece is almost like Exogenesis but in better context. Definetly one of best piece ever recorded by Muse.


Drones: Not my cup of tea but in the context of album it fits perfectly as a "hymn". Wouldnt want to see it at a live concert :LOL:


Overall: I love how each song connects to the other one perfectly. I would rate the full album almost as good as Origin of Symmetry. Well above Resistance and 2nd Law, above BH&R and tiny bit above Absolution. 9/10



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Just finished...

Dead Inside 7/10

Psycho 7/10

Mercy 6/10

Reapers 9/10

Handler 10/10

Defector 7/10

Revolt 5/10

Aftermath 5/10

The Globalist 6/10 (pretty disappointed though)

Drones 3/10 (GOD WHYYY)


So I guess my ranking would be

OoS >= Absolution > BHAR > Showbiz > Resistance > Drones >>> T2L

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For musicians out here, did u realise that all the songs on this album have a connection with the note D (all of them are D major, D minor or G major) except dead inside! I don't think that's a coincidence, that adds up to the cohesion...


It's probably because it's a concept album. Changing key signatures too much will ruin the flow a little bit. Keeping the keys closely related gives it a bit more consistency.

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Well... when it's good, gotta give credits to the guys.


Some masterpieces in there, sadly there are some poor songs, as always with Muse.


-The track "Drones" is an incredible surprise to me, never expected this, very moving and creative.

-Matt's voice is the most solid it has ever been, amazing vocals overall.

-The Globalist is hands down their most ambitious song ever.


The Globalist: 9,5/10 Amazing structure and vocals. Great bits of melodies all around. Takes guts to dare trying a structure like this. Only Matt could have pulled it off.


The Handler: 9/10 Great, great song. Amazing energy. Very reminescent of Showbiz in that regard.


Repears: 8,5/10 Outstanding guitar work and rythm, but constantly under the impression of hearing Rage against the machine mixed with AC/DC. And I don't like the way Matt used his voice in the chorus... Could have been better, but still great, great track.


Drones: 8/10 Amazing. Would never have expected this coming from them.


Dead Inside: 8/10 Great melody, incredible voice. This is what Madness should have sounded like. Perfect mirror to Madness.


Defector: 6/10 Enjoyable and catchy. Will get old pretty fast.


Aftermath: 5/10 Nice tune, but makes me feel I've already listened to this song for the past 20 years. It's nothing new.



Psycho: 4/10 Too simple, designed to please the mainstream crowd, mostly teenagers. Disappointing coming from them.


Revolt: 2/10 Very poor effort, absolutely doesn't deserve to be on the album. What a load of crap.



Mercy: 1/10 Worst track on the album. Never should have been released.




Overall, half of the album is much enjoyable, with some masterpieces. Don't care about the ranking with other albums, they delivered big time. Now let's see if they dare play The Globalist, which is clearly their most technical and ambitious track of the album and best they've ever written, live... if not, I won't buy a ticket.

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It's probably because it's a concept album. Changing key signatures too much will ruin the flow a little bit. Keeping the keys closely related gives it a bit more consistency.


Yeah That's what I thought but I mean it's a proof that Matt really thought about it, contrary of T2L which was a bit splashed in several places (despite that I absolutely love some of its songs)

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Muse forum in theatrically OTT mixed reaction shocker :)


I've been around 'this' place since 2001 under different accounts, now all lost to long defunct email accounts. This is my 6th 'leak' build up - yes, I was even around on OoS leak day - and the reaction to everything, even OoS, has always been pretty mixed from everyone.


Album was always going to be a random jumble from the moment they said it was a concept. They're a band with so many different styles and song types that their identity is different to everyone. That makes it pretty tricky for them to ever please everyone with an entire album. I guess this is as close to being Muse's own little 'The Wall' moment as they're going to have.


Anyway, it's really not that bad. The overall concept/story is as subtle as being punched repeatedly in the face and is all a bit GCSE politics essay, but some of the tunes are nice. Ending on an acapella was interesting. If I had to dole out the seemingly required list of songs that I like and don't, Mercy, The Handler, Defector, Aftermath and The Globalist (well, the first half) would be in the thumbs up camp, Dead Inside, Psycho and Revolt in the thumbs down and the rest somewhere in the middle.


Can't say I am particularly offended by any of it, though. Having ridden the Muse train since Showbiz I've come to terms with the fact that at times I'll have to look past lyrics, borrowed sequences and a fair few layers of cheese if I really want to enjoy them. I do, and as a result still like them as much as when I was a 17-year old listening to Muscle Museum in my school common room whilst I was supposed to be doing economics work.


tl;dr - opinions are opinions.

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