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Interview with Chris for Virginradio France, 22nd May 2015

Claudia O

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Chris on Mutt via google translate


'He is a perfectionist, but not as I imagined it would be. He's very old school in his methods, he does not rely fully on the technology. I think he perfectly captures the importance of human feelings in music. He's one of those guys who does not seek perfection, he just looks for good sensations. Sometimes what makes a great song is its imperfections. He made ​​us do a lot of takes. This is something we had not done on previous albums. Some songs were made ​​up to thirty takes. The times when it slowed us slightly, was not deliberate on his part. It's just a story of sensations. He wanted the album to exude, it has a real flow. In many albums he produced, typically Back in Black AC / DC you have a real consistency, it has the ability to capture the present moment to anchor the music in time. When you listen to the 2nd law there is a multitude of elements that correspond to different times. Drones we wanted to capture a moment, a moment. With the entire album recorded in a studio-level sound it's very consistent from beginning to end. After the 2nd Law, it was important to us that the concept of the new album only focused on one thing.'

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