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Muse: Live from the Mayan coming to DirectTV

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There was a collective sigh amongst many Muse fans not too long ago when the band’s forthcoming show at The Mayan on May 15th sold out in a matter of minutes. But just because you won’t be in the room for this intimate show doesn’t mean you won’t be able to watch it at a later point — provided you are a DIRECTV subscriber.

Guitar Center and DIRECTV will be exclusively airing Muse: Live From The Mayan on DIRECTV’s Audience Network (channel 239) this summer. Shot in 4k and with 5.1 surround sound, the special will not only include the full performance, but also an in-depth interview with the band, conducted by legendary radio DJ and music tastemaker Nic Harcourt.


Muse will release their seventh studio album, Drones, on June 9th via Warner Bros. Records.

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I guess the silver lining is I would have been very uncomfortable being filmed, especially in 4k.


I saw myself on the screens at the T2L gig, and spent half my time staring up at the pole camera over my head in fear after that. :(


Of course now, with my luck, no one records this and I can't watch it because it's on a stupid station, and I miss it a second time. :chuckle:

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All that fuzz with Rome being filmed in 4K and now we have another one. I hope the show will be good.
All that...fuzz...when the DVD was introduced and now we have millions. So weird that new technology is actually used...
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