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"Dead Inside" Music Video


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I like the video! Not enough dust and flower tho! :rolleyes:


I like the visual metaphors throughout with the eyes

devoid of pupils "Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky"

to quote Floyd.

Vague enough to make our own interpretations but definitely channelling his breakup

from last year...

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The dancers are amazing! Does anyone know what the dust-like substance is? I'm pretty sure health and safety wouldn't have allowed anything to be used which would be dangerous to inhale.:eek:


Talcum Powder (Source: Dom's Instagram)

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Well, I think the lung cancer fears stem from the asbestos in talcum powder sources, but I believe they stopped using that kind in the '70s, tbf.

It has still been linked to ovarian cancer, but I think it has to go in vaginally for that...


It's still pretty hard on the lungs and respiratory membranes.

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I can't believe inhaling any kind of powder is good for the respiratory system. I'm really surprised this was allowed. Ai Wei Wei's artwork with millions of glass seeds was supposed to be interactive with people walking over the glass so they could hear it crunch. Health and Safety said 'no' because people would be at risk of inhaling powdered glass.:eek:

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