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My new album, listen for free - I'd love your opinions! (Simon M Harris)


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Hey there fellow Musers.

My name is Simon M Harris.


I just wanted to post and see if anyone was interested in listening to my latest album, for free of course.

I've been posting some stuff here over the years and always loved your opinions, since I see Muse as one of my biggest influences.


So this time I'd love to hear your opinion on my new album, Until Death Do Us part, or just a song or too would absolutely be enough. I am always looking to improve, and I can take critisism, so please be honest. :)


Find it streamable for free on my bandcamp: simonmharris.bandcamp.com


It is also available on Spotify anf iTunes, but you don't want that - it is not free ;)



So thanks alot, if you have the time to lend your ears for a short while.

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