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We know he at least used to write the bass and guitar lines, often on the piano.

No real idea if he still does, I guess.


I thought that in the last few years Dom and Chris were becoming part of the songwriting process a bit more, but yeah I have no idea. Either way, great bass on this album so it doesn't really matter who wrote it, I guess :LOL:

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After the first listen, I was pretty disappointed because I found the song too much of a stereotypic pop/classic rock song. But somehow, it is the one song I listen to the most often since the release of the complete album. I love especially the verses (which should really be twice as long) and the gentle guitar & voice. The ending still sounds like an average pop song to me and doesn't fit to the fragile feeling of the first half of the song in my opinion though.


I happened to listen to brothers in arms a short time ago (for the first time) and was strongly reminded of the first part of aftermath.

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I think Matt has a basic idea for a bassline and then Chris develops it. But in Reapers etc. It feels like the whole band came up with all the different parts.


I agree, I've always been under the impression that Matt does the true composing (hence why he's the only one who gets writing credits, minus Chris' T2L stuff), but Chris and Dom contribute in-studio by making suggestions and helping to tweak/fine tune things. So I see it as Chris and Dom making valuable contributions that affect the final sound, but Matt being the real "mastermind" behind the majority of the music.


I've gotta agree that the bass is wonderful in this song, and is a real highlight of the album as a whole. I'd say kudos to both Matt (for writing!) and Chris (for fine-tuning and performing!) for the awesome bass on Drones :happy:

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I'd like this even more if the last chorus wasn't a thing, and instead there was an extended Blackout style solo over it.


There is a kind of solo that is reminiscent to Blackout under the vocals.


I think the instrumental of this song is incredible, hope it's released some day.

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