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Petition for Muse to play intimate gigs in NA


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I didn't make the petition, just posting here so it gets a wider audience. Petition for smaller gigs in North America.




Yeah yeah petitions are usually useless but the below quote has me at least somewhat hopeful.


Copied from Facebook:

American Musers! We spoke to Glen about small gigs in NA last night and told him about the online petition you guys have going. He was VERY interested and said he would look into it, as we explained that you guys like the oldies and small venues too! Standby, standby!



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I'd be really disappointed if they actually did something in NA only to do multiple nights in like 2 cities. That kind of defeats the purpose. LA-SF-SEA-DEN-CHI-DET-TOR-BOS-NYC-PHL-ATL could be a nice short run. Thinking back to something similar from summer 2006 club tour where they did a quick 12 shows across the country.

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Concerts in the concert hall have a more positive energy than that concerts in stadiums.

But I'm afraid that all power MUSE razed to all with to the ground.

Come join us in Novosibirsk! We love you very much and are waiting for you !!!! ;)

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