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If this is real... then matt bellamy will continue his downward spiral... what the fuck happened to him? :| once a genius... but now... oh dear... anyone who teams up with skinner has no taste :| I'm praying this is a fake, although i dont think it is... so bad so bad so bad....

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Aye, think most people will have the same opinion on it that the music is fine but far too Rage-ish. Mike's voice at the beginning is terrible but the chorus sounds a lot better and is rather catchy which is why I'm gonna stay away from this :LOL:

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Whatever it is, I like it. :LOL: Especially the rage-style riffage. This is probably a fun one-off, which is what it sounds like.


If it's fake, then... whatever. It's still going on my iPod. :cool:


Yeah I've put it under the name of 'Who Knows Who (Ft. The Streets)' in the B-Sides/Misc album! Though it's shit, I thin he's just joking around, like Dom and his pirate suit.:LOL:

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Guest Zemmm!! =D

I'm just...gutted.

But is it Muse with the streets...

...Or is The Streets ft Muse?

If people get me.


I can't believe this.

Please let it just be something Muse did like...just something...nothing serious...Please!!!

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hahahha i love it


the riffery and fucking about is awesome...


the lyrics are absolute shit but it just adds to how hilarious it is :L


i hope its real haha even if it turns out to be fake, it will remain to be under "Muse" in my itunes etc


i also find it hilarious how people are all


"OH NoEz , mUze IS GON BAD wtFF is THiz!?!??! I Iz diZGUSted?!?!?"


just look at the hilarity of it


the guitar sounds like its recorded with a crap mic so someone probably just took the lyrics from some demo of some descrete Streets Bside or something and played a recent muse riff with some fuckery


thats if its fake



but i love it

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