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Guest QueenOfNerds

ahhh I feel bad being so negative, I guess that they should have artistic freedom really. They have made a sort of disclaimer, saying it was done in an evening (it sounds like it!), so they have probably read all of the negetive comments:$

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HAhhaah. This song is completely hilarious. I love it.


It reminds me of Goldie Lookin Chain. Im not bothered either way by this - you know its not muse's new direction so it'll be fine. I think its cool they CAN do stuff like this when they want.


Ps. It MUST be real cos NME are on to it now! Too late they've missed this weeks print so expect something in next wednesdays issue I figure. http://www.nme.com/news/muse/38669

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To be fair. no one is an authority on what music is good and what isnt. it's unjustified to say a peice of music is crap outright, it should be discussed with evidence and facts to support your opinions.

The fact that people will dispute a piece of music based on so little is why music today is crammed to the brim with subgenres and cultures.

Its the reason chavs call me a mosher.

Its the reason indies call me emo.

and its the reason i dont fit into any particular box.

Much like many people in the world. everyone has their guilty pleasures.

A chav who likes ACDC or an Emo who likes Shania Twain.

Its proof that no one anywhere can say what better without good reason.


Basically what it boils down to, is music becoming this great big segragated society, which is a bit of an oxy-moron, and thats why its wrong.

So what if you want to listen to Blackened Death Metal, Or Boom-Bass, or Jamcan inspired ska punk?!

If you like it you like it

If you dont you dont.

But there is no where in all of this that gives you the right to tell anyone else whats good and what not. only what you like and dont..



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I am open minded, I have a wide taste in music. But The Streets are poo, poorly written songs which are just plain annoying imo, but if you like them thats great :)


Same with me on the first sentence. I don't know anything about The Streets, but needless to say, this song won't make me a fan :D

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