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Current Distortions


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So from what I understand Matt doesn't really use fuzz factories as his main distortion any more.


Anyone know what he is using? Is it distortion from the diesels (now played through his amp modeller).


Or is he using distortion from his multi fx rack units (I'm guessing that ridiculous over the top fuzz he used for the HAARP era for songs like supermassive was from this) if so anyone know what kind of models he's using?

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From what we've seen and heard, it seems that his sound is very similar to his sound for the The 2nd Law era.


Matt never used overdrive or distortion pedals, all comes from the amps (now the amp modelers). And now with the Kemper, it's very difficult to know his settings.


The only thing that we know is that he's still using the Fuzz Factory (it's in his new Cooper Bomber guitar, used only for non-Fuzz Factory songs). I listened to The Groove ant it doesn't sound like he's using the Fuzz Factory on it.


He has now 2 main distorted sounds : one with not many gain, but very dynamic (Psycho), and one very fuzzy sound (the bridge of Dead Inside).


We'll see with the rest of the album if he has particular sounds for the new songs (Reapers is the Whammy-song, he uses several settings on it)

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Also, I recall an interview where Matt said that he liked to use the clean channel (on some amp) and then work from there with effects.


they're actually correct from what i've read/seen/discovered from delving - he used to just use the crunch channel on his Marshalls back in the day and then all his distortions except of course the fuzz factory - since about the absolution tour have come from amp modellers, amp heads and effects modellers - Axe Fx, Kemper, the Diezel Amp Head etc etc etc he's never rly used individual distortion/overdrive stomp boxes

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So i bought a Zoom G5 over the weekend because im getting rid of my pedal baord becasue i dont gig anymore and i wanted something i could just chuck some headphones of with and just play to some loops or along to my ipod (i have a full rig consisting of orange amp, fenders, and a variety of digitech, zvex, mxr, boss and EHX pedals)


After playing with the Zoom for a full day ive been able to come up with four different "Matt" tones. The first is a Vox with a medium amount of gain for those Psycho/Uprising tones along with a compressor and a booster to get some more gain for heavier parts. This tone also seems very similar to the tone he used in the recording of unnatural selection.


Second tone is a Diezel (yes the G5 has a Diezel model) with moderate again again with compression and a booster to get a high gain boost. This is your Stockholm syndrome/TSP/Fury/hysteria tone.


Third is a fuzz pedal (i used a fuzz face model) with no amp. This gives you the really fuzzy tones used for Supermassive live, Knights of cydonia tremolo parts.


And finally the Fuzz Factory tone which needs no explaination.


i can highly recommend the G5 for muse fans. Seems to have everything you need to create a muse tone.


Havent taken a crack at Origins tones but i think that would be hard to replicate due to the strange pickups used on that album (i believe he used the saddle pick ups on the delorean for alot of that album) i think this could be a period where matt was using the fuzz factory alot along with some marshall and soldano tones.

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