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i played a kit that had some a customs on it and i really dislikes them...i dunno why. i might go all k and get some k crashes as well, but there are some really nice aax crashes in my local shop, and some nice hhx ones too. plus i always think its cool to mix and match.

i want that ride more than anything, its so so so nice. it took me about 3 seconds of the bloke hitting it before i turned around and though i want one of those, more than anything. my main concern is getting my drums sounding good before i worry about cymbals, i can always borrow cymbals from my friends dad whos band just never ever uses them. theyre pretty sweet as well.

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I bought some new pinstripes for christmas and i wanted to get them to sound just right. I have 12, 13 + 16" toms.


Does anyone know what tune each head should be tuned to to make them sound really nice.


Is there a recording that I could buy/download where each skin (By this i mean batter head AND resonant head) is being struck so that i can copy it and make mine sound cool??!!!?


If not...is there any advice on how to tune them just right?


I know the techniques I just need to know the sound they should make to contrast nicely with one another.





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^^^ If you record anything it ends up sounding different to what the drums sound like in person.


What some people do is tune to intervals, 4ths I think, example: hum the first part of "Here comes the bride"...but youve only got 3 toms so...the first or last 3 hums I guess.


What I do though is just tune them to what sounds best to you, their 'sweet spot' as its normally known as.


If possible, definately if you plan on gigging with the kit, tune them in a big venue, not your room. Becuase they'll sound horrible when you play them live if youve tuned them in your room.


You've got pinstripes so theyll eliminate any overtones that most people dont like. But dont add anything else to them, or you may aswell be hitting a dead cardboard box or something.


Spend more time tuning the bottom / resonant / ones you dont hit side of the drum, becuase thats what you actually hear more of, not the top / batter / side you do hit.


It'll take hours to achieve good results, and its frustrating the first... 50 or so times you tune them, but after that youll learn to love tuning and itll be an :rolleyes: orgasmic experience

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cheers, i just wandered if there was a site where you click a link "If you want your drums to sound like this..." (a recording of nicely tuned drums plays) "...then tune your heads to this..." (a recording of each drum head being struck is played).


That way, because you're copying an already tried and tested tuned drum, your drums will sound that way.


If that doesn't exist, would it be worth someone making one?!?!?! (I don't know how to!)


....It'll be really popular for drummers wanting to tune!!!!! :):)

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Gonna be ordering my new kit in the next week or so, tama rockstar custom, with a extra floor tom, gonna have the same sizes as doms kit, on everything except the extra tom tom, comes with 5 sabien cymbals to, and hardware, then i'm gonna spend £200 on it, maybe getting new cymbals.

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hay hay im back :cool: been doing session work over xmas so no time to post anyway.


Yes Dom does get his kit custom made. TAMA do this only for endorsors same with black and gold h/w


The pic posted earlyer "asking what is this?" memory lock was part right, it was a floor tom leg bracket. there was a memory lock attached to it. these make it so you get the same set up each night.


and £150 for a 2nd had A cust projection crash. you must be joking you can get a 18" new for that much. anyway Sabian AAXplosions sound much better. and are cheeper

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sounds good, what colour are you gonna get?

the only problem i have with the rockstars and the starclassics is that i this the startcast mounting system is ugly, but then againt thats just my personal opinion. i hate dw lugs as well, i think theyre ugly too...



Better than a digusting Pearl cheapey design L arm :LOL: They're so old now, get with the times Pearl.

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TAMA do this only for endorsors same with black and gold h/w[/QUOTe]


Not necessarily, you can custom order them, they just dont advertise this on their site. You can also custom order performer bass drums undrilled or custom order a maple basses drilled (not that anybody would want to) Or find yourself a Tama endorsee and order the kit through them ;)


anyway Sabian AAXplosions sound much better.




and are cheeper


Undebateable :stunned:

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