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Continued from here: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=91931



fabripav 672

JJTheMuse 533

GuidingLight93 411

Tobiiiaaas 257

SerpentSatellite 213

Tjet 213

Claudia O. 204

Fury. 198

alibros 174

Citizen_Eraser 159

Hopix 158

HomesickSubterranean 148

Kueller917 145

Peter. 142

Muser Liverbird 138

ryanp16 135

Gareeh 130

tdrunner95 125

lewisfielding 110

Alec. 105

PlugInYorkie 102

3Dimensions 101

Dee3Dee 91

Livs 91

Jimmyneutron 91

bumpypotato 90

cornfellow 88

Tesseract 84

Milan 83

CoolFunkMan 82


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I don't know whether to feel honoured or ashamed to be on the fail list?! And 102 seems awfully specific?


What's the verdict on Reapers? I thought it was pretty decent but had a lot of forced guitar work in it.


My verdict is it sounds like Muse during the verses and becomes a straight AC/DC + RATM rip during the chorus. The Bombtrack copycat riff isn't bad but it's still kind of embarrassing. :rolleyes:

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I think I have much more hope for this album after hearing Reapers. Psycho really was a disappointment IMO.


Guitar solo is a little overblown but doesn't ruin the song. Actually really like the chorus. I just think the tapping intro sounds a little out of place.

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