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Guys calm down with the "lol dead star" comments, hearing it live and hearing it recorded on an iphone can change the "heaviness" quite a bit


It's not about heaviness really.

This is too much classic rock for my liking. That "chorus" seems a bit weird for Muse.

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Ehhhh I'd say they're around the same, maybe Dead Star edging it because of MC's verses. Different kinds of heavy enit. Dead Star's more boom in your face and MC is more atmospheric, until boom riff in your face at the end


I guess so. I think MC's weirdness edges it over Dead Star.

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quite honestly as cheesy as NSC is, I don't mind the song altogether and so far would pick it over this song ... mostly b/c I'm not a fan of classic rock.


I wouldn't go that far :LOL:

but I'm still not a fan of this.. that fake dear sherlock song beats these by a mile :LOL:

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