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Love the drumming at around 4:30, reminds me of Debase :happy:


Edit: Also, "It is the end of the album...". Wonder what that means Drones will be then, or if Mutt just means nearing the end.

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why does the producer say "its the end of the album" at around 7:00? globalist isnt the end?! nvm didnt pay attention, its about a different track^^


No he's still talking about The Globalist there. Drones could be an instrumental, and the actual "closer" of the album could easily be Globalist.

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Drones is hinting more at some sort of instrumental. Matt said The Globalist was this giant track that kinda has a story of its own. Considering it follows "The Aftermath" which seems like a fitting end to the album's story this could be a final overview type song.

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So the beginning of the Globalist is basically this? Not that it is a bad thing, as I love this piece of music.


It sounds like a bit of l'arena mixed with the lonely shepard, appears someone listened to some Tarantino soundtracks.


So, now that the 10 minute length is really confirmed, what do you guys think of this being played live?

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