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Favourite Track Number?


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Take the average rating out of 10 for each Muse track across the 6 released albums, and work out your favourite track number! I am ignoring intro and interlude for the averge score. I'm basing my ratings on Muse songs against each other (otherwise there would be too many 10s).


You could potentially use your result to predict your favourite track on the new album :p


Track 6 wins it for me (Showbiz 10, Citizen Erased 10, Falling Away With You 8, Invincible 9, Unnatural Selection 9, Follow Me 8.


So I predict The Handler to be the best track on the new album.


Close behind is track 2, then track 4, then track 1 then track 11.

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I'd say it applies to Showbiz to, obviously Sunburn and I personally love HTAILY


Sunburn is an awesome track - personally not a fan of HTAILY and i don't think it's quite on the same epic scale as Megalomania, Ruled By Secrecy, Knights and Redemption (and we'll ignore Isolated System)

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I think Knights is very much undervalued here now. If I were to only have one Muse song, although it's not my favourite, that would be it


Knights was and always will be amazing, might be the sheer amount of times people have heard it and get sick of it

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