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Cool concept in what way exactly? It's just the band playing, a couple of dancers and sometimes two drones flying over both.


I liked the idea of drones observing the dancers. If the choreography was better at telling the story (of a girl turning the guy into someone like her) and also the cuts were made with more thought it could have been a solid simple video.


But meh, it's boring. don't think I'd ever watch it again.

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2. The cuts to Matt looking into the camera totally breaks the aesthetic, with the rest filmed in an observational manner.


The beginning and end of this video have characters looking into the camera.

I don't see that the aesthetic is broken by it occuring in between then?

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I typically don't expect much from Muse videos. The only good one they actually did, in my opinion, was for Hysteria.


And that wasn't even an original concept.


Surely Knights of Cydonia is worth a shout in that regard. Always thought Supermassive's vid was pretty good too, and Time is Running Out. I'm probably biased though, those videos being on TV were part of how I got into the band.

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I never liked the Hysteria one, either.


I think the only ones I've watched more than a handful of times are Bliss, SfA, TiRO, US SS, and Invincible.


Nothing to do with whether the band is in them, or not. The band shots in this one were good, and could have looked really nice with a better narrative bit cut into them.

As it was, the dust and military themes didn't mesh well or even make sense with the dancing... unless you already know what the album is about or read Matt's Twitter.

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After just watching the video I've come to the conclusion that the first half of the song is boring and I don't start enjoying it till after the second verse. Muse don't do minimal well, they have always been known for their big, bombastic, layered sounds and should stick to that.

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