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Hope we get:


Muscle Museum


Stockholm Syndrome

Yes Please

Dead Star

Plug in Baby

Citizen Erased

New Born


Execution Commentary



....Theres loads more Id want but I think I'm already being too optimistic with what I've already listed.

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I can't imagine they'll do as many new songs as they played pre-T2L seeing as that was just before the album came out and this is a few months before. Also the fact that it's called the Psycho tour suggests to me the focus will be on Psycho, and they'll use the opportunity to test out a few others. I think 3 or 4 is most likely.

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I know it's just not gonna happen but I would struggle to contain myself if The Small Print was played. Looked like it really kicked off in the venues when they played it on the absolution tour but it hasn't been seen since :(

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Oh that's not too bad then.


Yeah lots of personal stuff happened at the end of last year and I kinda just took a break.


At any rate, do we think Matt's still keen on walking around the stage like Bono and has written songs where he's not on any instruments again?

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For all intensive purposes let's assume I've been living under a rock.


When is the first gig and how long are they on for?


Muse are on in 34 hours.


I assume it'll be a standard slightly under 2 hours. And damn I haven't seen you in a while.


He was back about a month ago too for like two days.


Also the gigs are a 90 minute set according to Ulster Hall. Muse on at 9, off at 10:30.

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