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LP7 - Fan Artwork Thread


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Many of you came up with stunning

designs before the official reveal of The Resistane & The 2nd Law

artworks, so I thought we should have a similair thread this year

as well, post your ideas!


Although my artwork uses the title revealed yesterday on Instagram,

I didn't want to call the thread 'Drones',

simply because it's not official yet.










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I'm sometimes amazed the Christmas background are so crappy and the fan album arts so cool.


Haha I've wondered this before too.


Nice one OP. I don't know if it was just me but I kind of found it hard to read the text of your post though (the artwork made up for it though ;) )

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We don't delete often. :erm:


I know, I just have the unlucky habit apparently of wanting to revisit the ones that do get deleted, and not knowing they are gone until I look.


I'm super paranoid about things disappearing for some reason, as well.


Dog in a bee suit is still my fav cover so far, although the OP one is so amazing I wouldn't bother trying my hand at making one. :chuckle:

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