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Stadiums vs Arena


Stadiums vs Arenas  

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Having only been to one Muse gig, which was in an arena, I was just wondering what you guys' opinion is. Seeing as I've already been to an arena one I'd like to see a concert in a stadium, as it would be something new (also stadiums are generally later in the tour, when setlists tend to get better) so for this tour I've found myself leaning towards stadiums, and I'd just like to hear you guys' input.

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1) I'm almost 100% certain there's already a thread for this.


2) Stadiums for the setlist and longer gigs, arenas to catch all the new songs and whatever else they play that will inevitably and inexplicably get dropped for some reason after half the arena tour (Cave, Falling Down, Save Me etc).

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Just for sound quality i would stay Arena.


Yes the stadiums do get longer sets but when those songs include Guiding Light and Unintended i really don't care if they don't play those.


Although i can't see why stadiums get longer shows. Tickets for the o2 arena were more expensive than the Studium shows.

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