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time is running out

an Unitended Joke

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does anyone seen another video of the song time is running out on tv?

because i did and now i cant find it at all

i'll try to describe what i saw :

it was on VH1 and matthew was singing in a green and pretty dark bedroom and i dont remember if the rest of the band was on the video too but if someone saw it and know what i am talking about please tell me where i can find it (or just relate) because i've lost hope for finding it and i'm starting to think i was hallucinating

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Does anyone know if there's a proper thread of this song..?


I'll actually say it anyway, that it will be that Muse song I'll come back to the most in order to recover from lack of Muse. Yes I did have periods when I was capable of not "scrobbling" Muse the entire week... and...


By the way does anyone know good gifs from the official video? When Muse-gazing through Google I rarely saw any of the official video gifs from TIRO... so it made me sad and I made a couple:









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