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Speculation: Could Muse play Showbiz live on this upcoming tour?


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Ah ok. Not sure how using a tremolo bar would make playing the riff easier though.


When I play it on my mates tremolo equipped strat I use it for the opening bends because if I'm honest I thought Matt used to do this but watching some videos on closer inspection it seems he hasn't actually ever done that. Well seems I can't keep blaming me not being able to play it correctly on not having a trem on my guitar :LOL: I'd better get back and practice then!!!

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Didn't Matt hit high A a couple of times last tour?


Either way I think the "they make MEEEEE" bit in the final choruses might be more challenging to sing than the final note

He did, but as I said, in a yelpy technique, and not very controlled (like, he didn't aim for an A5, that's just what it turned out like some of the time)
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