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2015.06.06 - Sonisphere Festival, Biel, Switzerland


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Interview with Stuart Galbraith of UK promoters Kilimanjaro Live:


Billboard: You recently announced that Muse will headline Sonisphere Switzerland and Metallica and Faith No More at the Italian leg. Has the rest of the bill for those events been locked down?


Galbraith: Not yet. We're in the process of booking. If they were secured we would have announced them. There is a perception in the industry that [announcing acts] is held back. That's not my experience in regards to Sonisphere. As soon as we have something confirmed we will announce it.



Billboard: How are ticket sales for those two European events?


Galbraith: Italy goes on sale this week. Switzerland is very strong. We're very, very pleased with it. We have opened up as strong as we have ever done with Sonisphere in Switzerland.

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