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2015.07.02 - Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark


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The media here in Denmark seem to be very thrilled about today's announcement and I can't find many negative comments from people either.


So far today, the band has also got massive publicity as opposed to when Pharrell Williams was announced. They have been played a lot on the major radio stations, there has been contests about them and several online magazines have even published top lists of their best songs and music videos.


I'd never heard of them before. The Zookeper's Boy (which I've just found on YouTube) is a decent song though.


Special and Am I Wry are cool too. Comforting Sounds is a serious masterpiece though.

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So are any of you Screenagers going to said Festival?

I cried buckets last year, when they ditched Denmark ;..;



...Because of a broken foot?

(link in Danish)




btw is it a rule to post in English on the board??

(This is one of my first posts, on http://board.muse.mu/)

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