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2015.07.18 - Rock in Roma Festival, Rome, Italy


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I'm about to purchase a couple of tickets from Viagogo, as it's sold out, isn't it? Which will be totally legit, right? As in, you don't need I.D or whatnot to get in? I'm sure it's fine but just checking! Anyone that can 100% confirm for me and my friend, would appreciate it!

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muse love Italy it will be awesome

how much does the tickets cost?


Yea, they do! Love the Rome movie, so guess that inspired me a bit! Hoping for a great set list! Similar to Rock Werchter or Provinssirock. They do seem to be mixing it up quite a lot, which is nice!

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Bought couple of tickets and travelling from Scotland to Rome just for this, it's my birthday, so why not...OR have I just lost my mind??

Good year to be a Muse fan!


Sounds like a great plan to me!


Its going to be epic!

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Buzzing for this! Going to Perugia for my girlfriends best friends wedding on 15th, and then extending the trip to Rome for 5 nights so we can fit Muse in as well :D:D:D


Always wanted to see Muse in Italy

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