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2015.07.11 - BBK Live, Bilbao, Spain


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have you decided yet? I'm between the two as well. BBK is more appealing. but Lisbon is nicer


Never been to BBK, the lineup is pretty awesome (at least for my taste), but have been to NOS Alive 3 times, and this year it's going to be my forth. Bought my ticket even before any artist been confirmed. I jumped with happiness when Muse were confirmed :happy:. So yeah, [for me] NOS Alive never disappoints! And it's in Lisbon, just a train ride from the beach, a train ride from the festival, very nice weather, and an incredible festival just on riverside!


If you like the lineup, and want good weather guaranteed, this is a great choice! The festival is from 16:00pm to 04:00am. You're not going regret! :D

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I'm just trying to convince myself I'm not missing much! It's the first time I didn't manage to get tickets and after bloody Kanye I don't think I'll give it a go in the resales either.

I don't understand this mindset, how does one single artist change your idea on the whole lineup?

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NOS Alive setlist could give us an idea about the BBK setlist, hope they get Resistance and Madness :LOL:


Please no... :stunned: I would rather get an Assassin, Bliss, Dead Star or ever New Born for that (hoping for a Werchter type of setlist, but I think it's highly unlikely)


Both festivals must get an awesome setlist, period. :LOL: But above all, a great time! :D

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