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2015.05.30 Der Ring- Grüne Hölle rockt Festival, Nürburg, Germany


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News paper sources said it'll be muse. The official announcement will be tomorrow, but Bild (official sponsor of the festival (they also had an presale for tix)) just announced the Headliners for Bild-plus members. So it's 99% confirmed!

I see.


That's because this is Der Ring and not Rock am Ring...

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Rock Am RIng is not at the Nürburgring anymore. It's now in Mendig, which is not that far from the nürburgring. This Festival is a new one. http://www.der-ring.de

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Does that have anything to do with the new owner of the nürburgring?


Yes, they wanted more money from MLK (organiser of rock am ring). Then MLK searched for a new place...copyright arguments... a new festival at the Nürburgring... and yeah now there are two big festivals in an 30km area. The Organisier will do some other festivals around germany (i heard that there'll be on in vienna and one in munich) with the same headliners.

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Hello everybody :)


I can't go to this festival, i prefer going to a french's festival.


so i sell 1 pass.


229€ = 169€ with classic camping + 60€ best camping


I'm living in France, so i could do this transaction near Paris, in Limoges or in Creuse (near Guéret).


This price is not negotiable but the shipping costs are negotiables.


so you can contact me by email : loriane94@gmail.com


thanks !

best regards

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