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If you could make your own Muse tour live album...


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...what performances and songs would you put on it?


I was reading a few days ago about U22, a live album U2 made for their 360 tour; all the performances on the album were voted for by messageboard fans, who could pick from all of songs in all of the stadium gigs on the tour (or something like that).


This got me thinking - if you had to make a T2L tour live album or a BH&R live album for example (with complete choice of songs and gigs), what would yours look like?

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Just a general 20 song all time one would be something like this maybe for me


Supremacy - E Werk gig

Map of the Problematique - T In the Park 2010

Supermassive Black Hole - T In the Park 2010 or the 2013 Sydney gig i was at

Hysteria - honestly any performance from 2004

Sing for Absolution - Wembley 2007, i'd just love to actually get to hear how it sounded

Muscle Museum - Glasto 2004

Citizen Erased - Wembley 2010

Screenager - One of the early performances where it was played on piano

Hoodoo - Wembley 2007 would suffice but any performance really, it's killer live

Space Dementia - I actually love the Pinkpop 2004 performance tbh

Dracula Mountain - one of the T2L performances, give something of a Chris and Dom special

Butterflies and Hurricanes - The Sydney gig i went to in 2010, was my first Muse gig and B&H was the main standout along with Bliss

Time Is Running Out - an early performance, something like the little set they did for channel V in 2004

Bliss - Live 8 or a pro shot Wembley 07

Take a Bow - ummm, Wembley 2010 would be cool but i'd love another Black Holes era pro shot


Uprising - Roskilde festival 2010 is my fav performance of it so far i think

Dead Star - V Festival 08, or one of the T2L performances, maybe the Zepp performance

Stockholm Syndrome - Earls Court 2004, that song was such a monster then


Showbiz - Astoria 2001 or Eurockeenes 2000, that ending falsetto fuck around <3 Reading 06 was also good

Plug In Baby - ive never really thought of it ever having a bad performance, Glasto 2010 had a good sing along chuck that one on there

Knights of Cydonia - Fuji Rock 2010 or Eurockeenes 2006

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  • 4 months later...




From Glasgow:



Hyper Music



From Newport:




Unnatural Selection


From: Exeter:




From Manchester:


The Groove

Dead Star



..and let's see what's in store for us today.

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Psycho Tour


From Belfast:


1. Psycho

2. Uno

3. Hyper Music


From Glasgow


4. Animals

5. Uprising

6. Starlight


From Newport


7. Assassin

8. Unnatural Selection

9. Stockholm Syndrome


From Exeter


10. Muscle Museum

11. Futurism

12. Agitated

13. Reapers


From Manchester


14. The Groove

15. Dead Star

16. Hysteria


From Brighton


17. Dead Inside

18. Knights of Cydonia

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