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Plug in Baby chorus chords


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Hey all, I did a search and I couldn't find anything related to exactly what I'm looking for.


In all the tabs the Plug in Baby chorus goes like this:



G Bm







And my plug-in ba - by____________


Bm/F# G







cru-ci - fies__ my en - em-ies. When I'm tired of giv - ing.____


Etc. etc.


And that indeed seems to be what matt is playing when they do the song live. But it sounds different to the studio version. I just watched this cover video:

and this guy seems to be playing the chords that I hear in the album version. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to tab out what he's playing? I tried and failed!



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My bad he's just playing octaves in that cover lol. The way he shapes his hand I thought he was playing something else!


That's a great cover version, BTW. Thanks for posting the link.


To my ears, the studio version is predominantly the B-octave part over the G/Bm chorus section. Listening to stems I found via google, there appears to be two parts - the octave part that can be clearly heard, and the "live" part of G to Bm power chords, though the latter is mixed very low in the studio version.


My preference is to play this, which is a hybrid of the two parts:


During the 2 bars of G:








During the Bm and F# bars:








Although not strictly speaking "correct", IMO it sounds faithful to the studio version but retains the heaviness of the live version. YMMV, etc. :)

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Corrected error in my tab.
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