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Making drum beats of muse's songs


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i use reaper for most of my recording stuff. I mostly do covers of muse's songs. I can play the bass parts and guitar parts but for the drum parts i need a way to make them electronically(if thats the right word). I know about addictive drums but how can i make drum beats of a song with it, i dont want to play over the original song.

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Thanks for the reply..how do i make a midi track? Can it be done in reaper?..also i've never done this so how will i know which beat comes at which interval of time?


Make a new track and insert a new midi item, then edit as you please in the piano roll. Might want to look up the documentation on it if you really don't know.


You could import the original track as a refernece and go from there but you'd have to have the correct tempos. Guitar Pro is probably an easier method if you just want something that works.

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Is there another work around. I mean is there a way to just play the guitar parts over the original and i can lower the volume level of just the original guitar played in the song, not the other instruments? I've seen guitar covers on youtube and their guitar parts over shadow the original played parts, but when I record i can also hear the oriinal guitar sound..is there a mixing technique?

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