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15 minutes ago, Silentgod86 said:

The answer to all your questions is that this is a Muse forum and if we can't complain about inconsequential things here, where can we go (I refuse to go to Reddit). My original post was pretty ineffectual before you paid it more attention than it honestly deserved. I could argue more but I never intended to troll someone into getting so irate.  I apologise I've upset you and will think not just twice but three times when posting here.

You can, in this case it just makes you look an absolute whopper.

I’m genuinely not irate, though I get it does read a bit long/ranty. It’s a flaw of mine to feel the need to spell out the obvious as clearly as I can, sometimes it can get a bit long-winded.

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I loooooovveeeee CTMEOOY 🥰😎I always loved it as a song before Muse did their cover, I love their cover and now live aaahhhhhhh!!!! 

wish they‘d play it again one day and I‘d be there in person yes!! 
btw, yes I know the Taratata version!


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5 hours ago, Claudia O said:

I just thought that it sounded as if  we’ve never had the song live before...

It’s never been played on Taratata though :’) just a few times in Japan and on a BBC TV show called Re:Covered back in 2002

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