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Shop is having problems?


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Hi I have been trying for 2 days to make a purchase on muse.mu Store and i cant, when I finished to fill all my credit card info and I hit proceed button the page tell me that my order failed


I'm from Mexico and I'm using a Mexican visa credit card and it has no credit limit and I had used it in all the world and to make purchases online, so my credit card hasn't any problem, so what's happening ?


Please help me cuz I really want to make the purchase


Thanks a lot

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I have one hell of a time getting my orders to process, and I get that error when - after entering my card info - it says it's connecting to "secure 3D" or something like that.


There's a whole thing it makes me sign up for to authorize my credit card, and 2 of my 3 computers will NOT load that window, so my orders "fail."


Try a different computer, if possible, would be my suggestion. I was never able to find what was blocking it on my other ones. :(

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I am having the same problems with my Visa card, every time i fill in everything and when i click proceed to make the payment sure, there comes an error.. It won't say why? Isn't there a solution for it already? :) And always after that error, my basket becomes empty, so i have to fill it always again but after a few times it says my product isn't available anymore because it is in so many active baskets.. Then i have to wait a day or so.. Very frustrating.. :indiff:

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