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Your music, food for my neurons. Never stop feeding us


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Excuse for my bad grammar and speaking:$.


Really, here there is nothing creative, but yes the ideas that today patrolled my head thanks to your music. An artist is big when it manages to thrill and to create thoughts and ideas in another being, and you make it.


Today I was listening " The second law isolated system " and inspiration came to me since it was doing time didn´t happen, it provoked a whirlwind of ideas in my head and did that a shiver divide my body in two across my backbone, it was as If God was caressing me from the nape to the finish of my back and it´s very big, your music formed in my mind a inexplicable, crazy ideas, from which already time ago weren´t coming to me, so strong and intense that almost I couldn´t support, almost they made me cry. I don´t know if the ideas that are about my crazy head were never coming to anything physical or if someone more will know of them but with all my heart, thank you, because TO CREATE is all I know to do in this life and it is that make me feel alive.


Music like yours is very important for me, anthems like yours feed my neurons, my ideas, my brain... and for it, I ask you never stop and to be always the food for my brain, you are so nutritious. I don´t know whether this was managing to read by anybody, but it needed to count it. THANKS Chris, Matt and Dom. Love from Marina.

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