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Best live release

Spectrum IV

Best live release  

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  1. 1. Best live release

    • Hullabaloo
    • Absolution Tour
    • HAARP
    • Muse 360 (OoS at R&L 2011)
    • Live at Rome Olympic Stadium

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Full HQ audio of that gig immediately puts it above any of the rest. HAARP is becoming and sounds crap, Hullabaloo is great but gives me a seizure, Absolution is fine except cutting songs, Rome looks stunning but is cold and sterile.

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Hullabaloo for its setlist and also the fact it's the full gig. Another point is that there are not as many pro shots from this era as all the others.


It's really a little mix of the two dates, but yeah basically a whole gig. In the Japanese release anyway.


It is. Almost all the slurring is gone if you compare to the bootleg.


I remember that they released that proshot but then took it down and uploaded a new version which had a larger filesize and sounded way better (edited).

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