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Muse - Les Inrocks Festival, L'Olympia, Nantes, France, 7.11.99


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Band: Muse

Venue: Les Inrocks Festival, L'Olympia

City: Nantes

Country: France

Date: 7th of November 1999

Quality: A-

Taper: Yann LD


Recording: Audience

Lineage: Sony ECM717 > Sony MZR50 > Sound Blaster Live

Format: .flac

File Size: 257mb



1. Uno

2. Cave

3. Sunburn

4. Sober

5. Recess

6. Falling down

7. Muscle museum

8. Overdue

9. Fillip

10. Showbiz


Info: An audience recording of an early show from the Showbiz tour, with pretty godd sound.

More Info: http://www.musewiki.org/Nantes_Olympic_1999_(gig)



Download Links:






If you need help converting flac files you can get Traders Little Helper from here:





If you appreciated this post tell me and I will get some more shows posted here.

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