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POLL: What 10 songs would you most like to appear on Muse's 20th anniversary tour?


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Well, there doesn't seem to be an actual way of closing the poll, but I'm torn between taking the results at the end of this week, say Friday at midnight, as the official outcome since I'd safely assume nothing will really change after that, or leave it for as long as possible and leave it open until the morning before we give it to him.


Well, it seems that votes are still coming in at a steady pace. Maybe it would be best to wait until the votes slow down to a trickle? If that happens the day before you give it to Matt, that's fine, but if it's before then, that's fine too.

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Yeah. I don't see the top 4 changing really, with the exception of Fury coming ahead of Showbiz or vice-verse. It's been switching between Fury ahead, Showbiz ahead or a draw all day. The last 6 though could very easily change, especially considering Stockholm has just tied with The Small Print.


Tbh I hope there are a few ties since it's a handy loophole to get more than 10 songs on the list.

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I've just noticed that COD's dropped out of the top 10 as well :(


At least Knights isn't in there, I guess.


Knights is hovering around number 18 I think, that was a few hours ago when I tallied the top 30.


Edit: We're thinking of stopping at 9pm Japanese time. They only found out about it at about midnight their time today, a lot were probably asleep. We'll give them the chance to vote, then close it. Non-rarities are starting to catch up, the main contenders being Stockholm, Map, Knights and Sunburn.

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Fairly alright results so far.


1. Citizen Erased 465

2. Fury / Showbiz 417

3. Muscle Museum 374

4. Dead Star 364

5. Assassin 268

6. Bliss 262

7. Glorious 258

8. Butterflies & Hurricanes 253

9. Space Dementia 225

10. The Small Print 218


I'm happy with this.

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Right guys, we're closing at 12pm GMT tomorrow. We'd leave it longer but the common songs are really catching up. So you've 12.5 hours left to get your votes in. As it stands,


1. Citizen Erased 476

2. Fury 423

3. Showbiz 422

4. Muscle Museum 382

5. Dead Star 373

6. Bliss 272

7. Assassin 270

8. Glorious / B&H 261

9. Space Dementia 231

10. Stockholm Syndrome 226


11. The Small Print 224


I'd suggest getting people who don't care about this at all to vote for TSP and Space Dementia so that we get another rarity in the top 10 and SS could easily surpass SD.

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Glorious :facepalm:.


What a god-awful piece of crap that song is.


Wat. Glorious is brilliant, incredible melody, awesome bass, sweet guitar work and structure development.


And why is Stockholm Syndrome even there? It's been played constantly since it was released.

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And why is Stockholm Syndrome even there? It's been played constantly since it was released.


Yeah yeah we know we messed up by putting in common songs, but they're there, we we've gotta deal with it. If we make a new poll it wont get anywhere near the level of response the this one did.


TSP is 3 fucking votes behind SS.

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