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POLL: What 10 songs would you most like to appear on Muse's 20th anniversary tour?


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Put it in the list anyway when you write it :awesome:


I'll put Guiding Light on it too. :awesome:


Fury and CE just hit 100 votes. Showbiz 3rd at 88.


Edit: CE is now in first place. Ari wont be happy to hear that. :LOL:

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1. Fury / Citizen Erased

2. Showbiz

3. Dead Star

4. Muscle Museum

5. Glorious

6. Assassin

7. The Small Print

8. Butterflies & Hurricanes

9. Futurism

10. Apocalypse Please / Space Dementia


Didn't realise AP was so popular.

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Fucking stop voting for fucking CE. It's not fucking rare.






My list







space dementia

unnatural selection




But i noted futurism and other songs are missing, too.


Futurism isn't missing. The only things missing are Blackout (which was a mistake) and things that didn't appear on singles/EPs/albums, e.g. Jimmy Kane, America, etc

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Hmm you can vote several times?


Just tried it out, if you vote a second time your new votes aren't added.


Jimmy Kane was on a single though. Uno I think...?


You're right. Shit, I misread musewiki. Oh well, I doubt it would've made it high on the list anyway. :LOL:

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Oh, and can we stop making polls where people are allowed to vote for all the regulars/hits? The whole purpose of a poll like this falls flat on its face when dumbasses are allowed to vote for greatest hits and other songs that aren't even remotely rare.

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